‘Harry Potter’ star Harry Melling will play Edgar Allan Poe in ‘The Pale Blue Eye’
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Harry Potter' star Harry Melling will play Edgar Allan Poe in 'The Pale Blue Eye'

Harry Melling, the actor most famous for playing Dudley Dursley in Harry Potter, will take on the role of Edgar Allan Poe in the new Netflix drama The Pale Blue Eye.

Created by Netflix and Scott Cooper, the murder mystery series will, according to Deadline, see the Harry Potter star take on the role of the acclaimed writer as part of a huge cast.

Alongside Melling, the series will also welcome another Hollywood staple in Christian Bale. Deadline reports that he will play the role of a veteran detective charged with solving the mysterious murders.

Set in 1830 at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Melling will play Bale’s dedicated assistant before he would go on to become the famed writer we all know him as today.

Melling’s most recent outing with Netflix was a huge success. He starred across from Anya Taylor-Joy as part of the landmark chess series The Queen’s Gambit as Harry Beltik.

Cooper and Netflix will be hoping that The Pale Blue Eye will deliver similar success.