Harry and Meghan to produce two new series for Netflix
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Harry and Meghan to produce two new series for Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been revealed as executive producers for two new series, due to be released on Netflix. One series is set to focus on lifestyle, while the other will be focused on the sport of polo.

Both of these series will be nonfiction, to be created as part of their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, which began with the docuseries Harry & Meghan back in 2022. According to the streaming service, one series will give, “unprecedented access to the world of professional polo,” something that the Duke of Sussex is particularly fond of. Meanwhile, the other series is due to focus on “the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining and friendship”.

According to Netflix, the as-yet-untitled series on polo will aim to, “pull the curtain back on the grit and passion of the sport, capturing players and all it takes to compete at the highest level”. At present, it is unclear whether Harry will actually feature in the programme or simply act as an executive producer, but given his love for the sport, it seems likely he will appear on camera in some capacity. 

The Duchess will be listed as a producer on both series, but Harry is said to only be involved with the polo-based series. Nevertheless, they will each be created by Archwell Productions, the production company owned by the couple. 

Specific details regarding these programmes, such as release dates, titles and cast, have not yet been announced. It is thought that Netflix will release more information over the coming months. One thing that is clear is that the lifestyle series will be directed by Michael Steed, who had previously worked on the beloved series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

The couple’s first project with Netflix came in 2022 with the controversial documentaries Harry & Meghan and Live to Lead, which focused on the Duke and Duchess and their move away from the Royal Family. The pair famously stepped down from royal duties back in 2020, before moving to the USA in pursuit of a “normal family life”. 

It is unclear where multi-million dollar deals with Netflix or documentaries about polo fit in with that plan for a normal life. Nevertheless, it does seem as though these newly announced programmes will be the first that do not focus explicitly on the lives and relationships of the Sussexes.