Halle Berry sued for her Netflix film ‘Bruised’ by Cat Zingano
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Halle Berry sued for her Netflix film 'Bruised' by Cat Zingano

Halle Berry has been making the headlines quite regularly now due to the upcoming release of her Netflix film Bruised, set to release on the streaming platform on November 24, 2021. 

However, quite recently, she has been struck by controversy with lawsuits being filed against her by former UFC fighter Cat Zingano. The fighter is suing Berry for giving the false promises that led her to miss out on other lucrative opportunities in her career.

TMZ reviewed the legal documents that Zingano provided about the Academy Award-winning actress meeting her in July 2019 to discuss the project. 

Zingano alleged that she had a subsequent fight opportunity with the UFC but was urged by the 55-year-old actress to not partake in it as it could lead to certain scheduling conflicts and liability problems with the insurers for Bruised

The 39-year-old fighter went on to claim that she chose the film over the fight, and as soon as UFC released her, Berry dropped her from the film as well, stating how she would require fighters associated with the UFC. 

Apparently, Berry even stopped communicating with Zingano, leading the latter to file a lawsuit against her. 

Berry has been creating quite the buzz with this project. She said that initially. the film was meant to star Blake Lively, who later turned down the film “in her own time”

Berry spoke of how she “loved the story” but wanted to re-imagine it for “someone like me” instead of the “twentysomething Irish Catholic white woman” the script had been written for. 

She reasoned the same by saying, “Because I think I have a take on it that could actually work – making it about a middle-aged Black woman, someone fighting for the last chance rather than another chance.”

Berry, who is playing the role of Jackie Justice in Netflix’s Bruised, co-starring Adan Canto, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Shamier Anderson and more, spoke of how young actors get various chances, “but when you’re at a certain stage in life, it becomes something more impactful and meaningful”. 

Berry is yet to comment on Zingano’s claims.

Halle Berry in Bruised