Groping women is “wrong”, says Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Groping women is "wrong", says Arnold Schwarzenegger

In a new documentary on Netflix, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted that his previous behaviour of groping women is wrong, having spent many years denying the allegations.

Fifteen women had previously come forward to accuse the actor of groping them, and now Arnie has confessed to his past actions, noting that he was wrong to behave in such a way.

Schwarzenegger is the subject of a new documentary on Netflix called Arnold, which arrives on the streaming platform on Wednesday (June 5th).

Back when the actor was in the running to become the governor of California, six women came forward via the LA Times. A reporter from the paper, Carla Hall, reveals more details in the new documentary.

“When Schwarzenegger announced he was running for governor, the staff of the LA Times immediately went into high gear to start looking into stories that we had heard for years, but no one had actually investigated them fully,” she said.

“My reaction in the beginning, I was kind of… defensive,” Schwarzenegger also says in the documentary. “Today, I can look at it and kind of say, it doesn’t really matter what time it is.”

He added, “If it’s the Muscle Beach days of forty years ago or today, that this was wrong. It was bullshit. Forget all the excuses; it was wrong.” Check out the trailer for Arnold below.