‘Glass Onion’ is now Netflix’s third most watched film
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Glass Onion’ is now Netflix’s third most watched film

In the volatile modern market for streaming, safe bets are essential, and when Netflix sees one arise, it backs them. On the back of a big budget and widespread promotion, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story has become the third most-watched film Netflix has ever released, and it’s only been on for a matter of weeks. 

Rian Johnson’s first whodunnit in the series, 2019’s Knives Out, was also a big hit for the streaming service which meant that they put their all into securing the sequel. Although Johnson was keen to separate the two, Netflix stuck by the inclusion of ‘knives out’ in the title of the follow-up and has reaped the rewards. 

The film has now scored over 209 million viewing hours. That whopping figure pushed it beyond the likes of Bird Box and The Grey Man to secure it a spot in the top three most-viewed Netflix films at the start of 2023. 

With the viral buzz still surrounding the film and news lines galore still driving up the hours, there is every chance that it might end up top. Currently, it sits behind Don’t Look Up and Red Notice in the all-time Netflix film charts. 

However, it has some way to go if it hopes to topple Netflix’s environmental satire, Don’t Look Up. Adam McKay’s well-received movie amassed a massive 359.8 million viewing hours within just the first 28 days of its release. However, given the nature of the film, it was impossible to push for a lucrative follow-up. 

With it comes to Knives Out, on the other hand, it is possible we will see further films if it continues to print cash for the streaming giant amid these tricky financial times.