‘Ginny & Georgia’ and ‘Manifest’ have the two highest completion rates on Netflix in 2023
(Credit: Netflix)


'Ginny & Georgia' and 'Manifest' have the two highest completion rates on Netflix in 2023

New data from Polish analytics company PlumResearch has revealed details on the completion rates for some of the biggest Netflix shows of the year.

Netflix utilises completion rates as a metric to gauge the success of films and TV shows, providing valuable insights into the viewership journey from start to finish. 

According to PlumResearch, they determine completion rates by “[presenting] the percentage of Unique Viewers (UV) who fully watched all of the episodes of a single season to all Unique Viewers (UV) who fully watched the first episode in the season. Note that the definition of a ‘fully watched episode’ is any viewing of an episode where the viewing time is at least 70% of the entire episode’s duration.”

These rates furnish statistical data concerning the number of individuals who initiate a viewing and the proportion that successfully reach the culmination of the content.

PlumResearch’s details on Netflix’s Q2 2023 top performers shows Ginny & Georgia and Manifest boasting the highest completion rates so far, followed by Firefly Lane, Outer Banks, and The Night Agent.

Over the past couple of years, PlumResearch has also revealed that Stranger Things has one of the highest completion rates, and only 33.86% of US viewers got to the last episode of The Sandman

The analytics company also shared with What’s On Netflix that of all viewing between October 2021 and October 2022 that 49.2% of viewership in the US was spent watching Netflix Original series and 39% on Netflix Original movies.