Get the festive cheat codes for Netflix here
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Get the festive cheat codes for Netflix here

We all love a bit of Netflix. Whether it’s for movies, TV shows, or just something on in the background, the streaming giant has an enormous amount of content on offer. However, when it comes to Christmas, there are so many festive-related delights on offer, that we often don’t know where to start. However, we have something that may help you.

Follow this guide, and you’ll be able to find every Yuletide title that Netflix has on offer in your region. The category codes, or ‘cheat codes’ are the easiest way of finding what you’re looking for. The codes for the Festive Favourites category are going to save you a lot of time that have otherwise been spent trawling through the thousands of titles they have.

If you want to find titles that perhaps would not come up otherwise, the specialist codes will also unearth hidden gems for you, one’s that you wouldn’t think Netflix have in their library.

Below is the complete list of the Christma category codes for Netflix:

Netflix festive cheat codes:

The best way to access the list is through an internet browser. The links above will take you directly to each category.

Then, from the web, you can browse and add items to your list, before returning to your TV to enjoy them. For the app version of Netflix, if you type in the numbers, they’ll take you to what category you’re looking for.
Although haphazard, it may help you for any extended Netflix sessions you’re having this holiday.

Watch a guide to Netflix codes below.