George R.R. Martin calls ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ a “terrific” watch
(Credit: Netflix)


George R.R. Martin calls 'Blue Eye Samurai' a "terrific" watch

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has praised the Netflix animation Blue Eye Samurai, which was released in November to high acclaim. 

The show, created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, is set in Japan’s Edo period and features the voices of Maya Erskine, Masi Oka, Kenneth Branagh and more. 

Martin took to his blog on December 31st to highlight his love for the eight-part series, which has recently been renewed for a second season. 

He wrote, “I hardly know where to start on this one,” gushing, “Once we started watching it, we could not stop. Binged the whole thing in three nights, and I am already hungry for the second season.”

The writer emphasised his love for the show’s “gorgeous art” and “terrific story,” continuing, “It is violent, visceral, sexy (and more than a little kinky in spots), with amazing action sequences and a cast of well-developed characters, colourful and complex and real.” 

Finally, Martin added, “BLUE EYE SAMURAI is very much its own thing, and it is magnificent. Even if you don’t normally watch animation, give it a try. It’s terrific.” He even suggested, “If you like my own stuff, I think you’ll love it.”

Watch the trailer below.