‘Geek Girl’ ending explained: Do Harriet and Nick end up together?
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'Geek Girl' ending explained: Do Harriet and Nick end up together?

One of the year’s most anticipated Netflix series debuted at the end of May, as Holly Smale’s debut novel about teenage modelling gets the full treatment in this big-budget comedy-drama.

House of the Dragon actor Emily Carey stars as awkward high-schooler Harriet Manners, who unwittingly goes from the bottom of the social pecking order to supermodel stardom. A classic girly underdog tale that falls somewhere between Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada.

One element that gives the show and its source material a little more depth than its forerunners is Harriet’s struggle with autism. While this aspect of the character has received some criticism for its inauthenticity, it’s perhaps the only thing that elevates the show above the level of a Lindsay Lohan teen drama from 20 years ago.

Unsurprisingly, once Harriet lands herself a dream modelling gig by mistake, there’s a good-looking young male model who catches her eye. “Ooh good,” her father remarks. “A boy.”

Nick is an established star who encourages Harriet to have more confidence in herself and her appearance, calling her “exactly what we need.” Before long, she’s fallen for him and the two are going out. That’s until rival model Poppy, who plays Nick’s prop girlfriend in public events, sabotages one of Harriet’s shoots out of jealousy.

Humiliated, Harriet quits the modelling agency and returns to the lower reaches of her school’s social circles. But Nick, being the charmer that he is, shows up at the school and in response to her quitting tells her, “Please don’t.” He believes in her, and believes that the world of fashion will bring her “joy”. What’s more, he pushes her to fight for the right to continue doing what she enjoys.

Surely the two are made for each other?

Nick seems more than a bit into Harriet, and Harriet apparently can’t believe her luck to have found him. He even goes as far as arguing with the head of his agency that Harriet should be allowed to model again.

Everything’s coming up roses. Except that’s not how the plot of a ten-episode series can possibly work, so added suspense is thrown into the mix. Harriet can’t decide whether to go back to the scene of her humiliation or not, and Poppy convinces Nick, “She’s not coming.” Of course, she will go down the catwalk with him in Harriet’s place.

But, inevitably, Harriet makes the show at the last minute, and blows everyone away. She and Nick meet on the catwalk, and he removes the paper tag she has geekily managed to leave on the back of her outfit before walking out.

The two share a kiss in front of the crowd, and, naturally, end the series together. Before it’s over, we get to see the two of them alone together, as a young modelling couple about town in London. The curse of Harriet’s geekdom has finally been lifted by the Prince Charming of the fashion industry.