Gal Gadot explains the “a-ha” moment behind Heart of Stone
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Gal Gadot explains the “a-ha” moment behind Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot’s new Netflix film, Heart of Stone, sees her star as intelligence agent Rachel Stone, a member of a mysterious group of high-level spies known as the Charter.

The trailer describes them as “the most highly trained agents,” who have no political leanings or national allegiances but are all “working together to keep peace in a turbulent world.”

Gadot has explained it was her time playing Wonder Woman in the DC series that showed her a variety of audiences wanted to see a female-fronted action film.

“The idea was conceived in 2017 after the first Wonder Woman was out,” she explained to Digital Spy, speaking before the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

“It was a huge success. That was an ‘a-ha moment’ for me, when I said: ‘Wait a second, there’s men and women, they all like the movie, there’s an audience for these types of films,'” she recalled.

Gadot also produced Heart of Stone, and is no stranger to an action film, after starring in 2021’s Red Notice and appearing in the Fast & Furious series.

“I’m such a big fan of this genre, that’s something I always wanted to do, and that gave me the confidence to realise, ‘Hey, there’s room for more female-led action films’. And so we started to develop this one,” she explained.

But she wanted to expand the role, and play somebody slightly different. “The idea for me from the get-go was to create a character that would be inspiring but not perfect in any way: multilayered, emotional, go through some journeys, while everything is taking place in an environment that is filled with action,” she said.

Heart of Stone will be released on Netflix this Friday (August 11th).