Watch the full trailer for upcoming Netflix show ‘Agent Elvis’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the full trailer for upcoming Netflix show 'Agent Elvis'

The full trailer for the upcoming Netflix animation, Agent Elvis, has been released ahead of the show’s launch later this month.

Agent Elvis arrives on the streaming platform on March 17th, with the tagline of the series reading, “Elvis Presley trades in his jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is covertly inducted into a secret government spy program to battle the dark forces that threaten the country he loves – all while holding down his day job as the King of Rock and Roll.”

The upcoming animation has been created by Elvis’ widow Priscilla Presley, and John Eddie. It was also previously announced Mike Arnold serves as showrunner and head writer on the series. Priscilla said of the programme: “From the time Elvis was a young boy, he always dreamed of being the superhero fighting crime and saving the world! Agent King lets him do just that.”

More details have surfaced about the programme, with Variety reporting they have recently added Kaitlin Olson, Johnny Knoxville, Niecy Nash, Tom Kenny and Don Cheadle to the cast of the show. Others who are also confirmed include Simon Pegg, Fred Armisen, Tara Strong, Ed Helms, Jason Mantzoukas, Christina Hendricks, Kieran Culkin, Chris Elliot, Craig Robinson, George Clinton, and Tony Cavalero.

Matthew McConaughey will star in the titular lead role as Elvis, and his sidekick in the programme is Bobby Ray, voiced by Knoxville. Meanwhile, Cheadle will portray The Commander, who is in charge of the spy agency, The Central Bureau. His character description reads, “He’s the mercurial man in charge who knows where all the non-metaphorical bodies are buried.”

After Elvis gets a job with The Central Bureau, he meets Olsen’s character CeCe Ryder, who spices up his life, and teaches him how to be a successful agent. To get a taste of the forthcoming series, watch the full trailer for Agent Elvis below.