From ‘Freud’ to ‘Disjointed’: The five worst shows on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


From ‘Freud’ to ‘Disjointed’: The five worst shows on Netflix

Netflix has undoubtedly changed how we consume television. However, not every show on the platform hits the mark. While many hidden gems and binge-worthy series and films are available on Netflix, there are also those that fall flat, leaving viewers disappointed and questioning their choices. 

It doesn’t mate about the budget or the stars involved; sometimes shows just don’t work, and Netflix has kissed a lot of frogs. There are more than a few titles that we should be forgetting sooner rather than later.

Here, we delve into some of the worst shows on Netflix that you can avoid unless you want to use to play them for background noise.

From Freud to Disjointed, here are some of the worst shows on Netflix right now:


Up in smoke, down in quality, is one way to describe this show. At first glance, Disjointed might seem like a fun concept. Kathy Bates playing a cannabis legend running a marijuana dispensary sounds like a recipe for comedic success. Unfortunately, the execution of the show fell far short of its promising premise. While Bates and a few other characters, such as security guard Carter (Tone Bell), managed to salvage some watchable moments, most of the cast was forgettable.

Adding insult to injury were the two recurring stoner characters, Dank and Dabby, whose antics grated on viewers’ nerves rather than providing comic relief. Created by David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre, the show’s attempt to shed light on the medical benefits of marijuana came across as half-hearted and muddled.


Freud, set in 19th-century Vienna, promised a thrilling blend of history and the supernatural as young Sigmund Freud encounters a psychic medium. However, the series failed to leave a mark, even upon its release during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show’s departure from any semblance of accuracy and a lack of focus on Freud’s real-life contributions left viewers disenchanted. This was revisionist fanfic at best.

Snowflake Mountain 

This one fell flat on every slope. Snowflake Mountain took a group of entitled 20-somethings, what the boomers would call “snowflakes” and put them in a survival-style reality show. The execution of this concept was anything but engaging. The show’s attempt to cater to an audience critical of the modern generation’s “lazy” ways of life resulted in a series that felt more like a grumpy diatribe than an entertaining viewing experience.

The use of “snowflake” in the title, a term often wielded as an insult against the younger generation, set the tone for a show that seemed more interested in scorn than storytelling. 

Richie Rich

This one was a poor adaptation of a classic character. Following the cult classic 1994 film, Richie Rich, the 2015 Netflix adaptation failed to capture the charm that made the original movie and the cartoons beloved.

The show’s premise, which centred around a boy becoming a trillionaire and indulging in all kinds of luxury shenanigans, had the potential for endless comedic possibilities. However, we got a show that felt shallow and uninteresting.


Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup’s names might have attracted attention to Gypsy, but the show’s intriguing premise failed to translate into engaging television. The series follows a Manhattan therapist who embarks on an emotional affair, but there isn’t much to it.

Gypsy attempted to ride the wave of erotic thrillers but ended up falling flat. With high production values and a talented cast, Gypsy had the ingredients for success but struggled to bring them together, not to mention the offensive name that had very little to do with the story.