‘Friends’ themed cruise planned to set sail in 2022
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Friends' themed cruise planned to set sail in 2022

The fever pitch fandom around Friends doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. The landmark ’90s show has seen a huge resurgence following the Friends: Reunion show and now things have kicked up a notch.

For diehard fans, there is now an opportunity thanks to Fana World Travel, a travel agency based in New Jersey and Singapore, to take a Friends-themed world cruise.

The show’s comeback has stoked a lot of fan fires and Fana World Travel are jumping on the chance to provide a unique experience for the show’s fans.

“While the makers were planning Friends: The Reunion, we at FANA World Travel were planning a cruise for all you fans out there,” the agency announced in a Facebook post last month.

The cruise experience will include a dres-up party, trivia games and the odd cooking demonstration. “Get ready to eat like Joey, joke like Chandler, cook like Monica, shop like Rachel, yoga like Phoebe and dig like Ross,” the website reads.

The cruise is not affiliated with Warner Bros. and will feature no appearances form the cast but that won’t stop 500 diehard fans from booking their tickets.

The first cruise will leave Fort Lauderdale in Florida from May 15, 2022.