Four tricks to get better recommendations on Netflix
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Four tricks to get better recommendations on Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest and most popular streaming platforms in the world that offers a wide variety of content across all genres and subgenres.

They keep adding content almost every day that range from Originals to pre-released films, from much-loved shows to legacy series and excellent documentaries. It’s a plethora of productions that mean Netflix is still seen as the number one streaming platform in the world. But it does have its drawbacks. 

Netflix users are met with a burst of content every month that is appreciated by all. While some are absolutely fantastic and leave the subscribers yearning for more, others are not quite up to the mark and users are often disappointed when such recommendations keep popping up and preventing them from having the best user experience. 

There are a few tips and tricks that a user can employ to crack Netflix’s algorithm and help them understand individual preferences better.

Here’s how you can improve your Netflix user experience and only get recommended films and series that match your taste:

Select content while making your account 

The platform is quite smart, and its algorithm can easily identify one’s preferences as soon as they start viewing content.  

If you are new to the streaming service, while creating the profile, you can select the films or series that interest you as a headstart, and Netflix will start recommending content tailored to your interest. 

Use the thumbs up or thumbs down option

After having watched a particular film or series, use the thumbs up or thumbs down option to indicate whether it was to your liking. Following a series of reactions that you provide to a particular set of films and shows, Netflix will cater to your interests.

For example, if you have given too many thumbs down for a particular set of rom-coms, Netflix will be less likely to recommend you a rom-com in the future and vice-versa. 

Keep adding films and series to ‘My List’

Netflix allows you to curate your personal list of favoured content from all across the globe that you want to watch.

Known as ‘My List’ or ‘Wishlist’, this helps you keep a tab on the kind of content you like and also enables Netflix to recognise your preference and tweak their recommendations accordingly. 

Make different profiles 

Sharing your Netflix screen with other people is often a smart thing to do as each screen would cater to individual interests and thus help in seeking better recommendations of the platform.

Irrespective of the Netflix plan you have purchased, Netflix allows five different profiles to use one single plan. 

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