Four real-life locations used for ‘You’ in its newest season
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Four real-life locations used for 'You' in its newest season

Ever since the newest season four of You was released, the fans and the new watchers have not stopped obsessing. Above all, people definitely found themselves gasping over the incredible visuals and real-life locations used across the shoot. The dark, mysterious, suspenseful ambiguity is translated throughout the show. From the cinematography to the use of lights, outfits, and props. You has got it all. 

If you have not managed to watch You yet, here is a short synopsis. When Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who is a bookstore manager in New York City, meets Guinevere Beck, he falls head over heels for her. Soon the passion for love is transformed into obsession, and he resorts to odd tricks to try and get to know her. 

The show also covers a series of traumatic events that Joe has been through in his own life to give the viewers the context of his obsessive and rather creepy nature. What consequences does he meet when his darkness seeps into the real world?

Find out yourself. But first, let’s take a closer look at the gorgeous real-life locations used throughout the show. 

The four real-life locations used in ‘You’ season four 

In the fourth season, one of the major spoilers could be when Joe Goldberg spins the wheels, jumps the pond and turns into Jonathan Moore, who lives in London now. The following are the four lesser-known real-life locations used in the show’s newest season. The Knebworth house was popularly called the Hampsie house in the show. You can find it right below.

Unlike the first three seasons, he is no longer lingering in the United States. What happens next? You have to wait till you binge it first. No more spoilers here! 

4. St. Pancras International 

Used and referenced by its real name, St. Pancras International station is yet another witness to Joe stalking people. When he sits there waiting for Mariene to hop on the train, he is really sitting there. Doing best what Joe does best, hiding behind his favourite thing to hide with, the newspaper. 

3. Lincoln’s Inn

The Darcy College Library was played by The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. This place cameos when Joe has a conversation with one of his smartest students, Nadia. According to their website, the place stands for ‘ a multifaceted organisation, but is primarily dedicated to the qualification, training and development of our members, at all stages of their legal careers, in a prestigious, collegiate and inclusive environment.’

2. Four Seasons Hotel

Present at 10 Trinity Square holds fort for the rich of the richest breathtaking property of Four Seasons Hotel. This Hotel serves as both the forefront and the interior of an heiress who only wants the best. In this case, Phoebe (Tilly Keeper). 

1. Cornwall Gardens, Kensington

Around the borders and outdoors of Kate’s flat, there is a palpable amount of scenic surroundings. Unfortunately, that is not really the real-life outdoors of a soundstage of Kate’s place. Rather the gorgeous and charming Cornwall Gardens are present in Kensington.

Check out the newest season of You currently streaming on Netflix right here. But first, catch the intense trailer for it here!

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