The forgotten Morgan Freeman movie storming the Netflix charts
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The forgotten Morgan Freeman movie storming the Netflix charts

Whether it’s a feature, a TV series, a documentary, or a podcast, people can’t get enough of serial killer thrillers. As a result, an overlooked and often forgotten entry from the filmography of Morgan Freeman has been enjoying an impressive second wind on Netflix.

While the actor has starred in one of the greatest investigative procedurals in cinema history in David Fincher’s classic Seven, it largely tends to go unmentioned that he ended up treading similar ground just two years later when he played the role of Alex Cross in director Gary Fleder’s Kiss the Girls.

James Patterson has become increasingly synonymous with the literary thriller after his bibliography shifted more than 400million copies worldwide, and Cross is his most famous creation. Put the two together, throw a respected and popular star into the mix, and it was recipe for success. Well, sort of.

Kiss the Girls recouped its $27million budget at the box office almost two and a half times over, but it’s never going to be remembered as one of the genre’s greats. Solid-if-unspectacular, it’s a resolutely by-the-numbers investigative story that does at least allow Freeman the opportunity to deliver a performance infused with all of the gravitas, word-weariness, and determination viewers have come to expect.

Forensic psychologist Cross is dispatched from Washington to North Carolina to take part in an investigation that could be tied to the disappearance of his niece. Discovering that a serial killer who dubs himself ‘Casanova’ has developed a habit of kidnapping, imprisoning, and ultimately murdering multiple women, the dogged Cross takes it upon himself to dig a little deeper.

At the same time, Ashley Judd’s doctor, Kate McTiernan, manages to escape from her predicament and becomes a key part of the investigation, teaming up with Freeman to try and apprehend the culprit before any more bodies – including that of his own family members – are discovered.

The prospect of watching Freeman solve a grisly spate of crimes has clearly become irresistible to Netflix subscribers everywhere, with Kiss the Girls celebrating its addition to the streaming service by debuting as the third most-watched English-language movie on the platform.

The downside for anyone who wants another fix of the exact same thing under ever-so-slightly different circumstances is that sequel Along Came a Spider isn’t available on Netflix as of yet, although that might change looking at the instant popularity of its predecessor.