The forgotten Anna Kendrick movie now topping the Netflix charts
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The forgotten Anna Kendrick movie now topping the Netflix charts

Sometimes, certain movies do really well when they’re released, but in such a saturated landscape where new titles are constantly made available, they fall into relative obscurity, becoming forgotten gems. This could be said for A Simple Favour, which is now number one on Netflix’s movie charts.

The movie was directed by Paul Feig, who also helmed Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids and the 2016 Ghostbusters. While his filmography contains several action and comedy movies, A Simple Favour was his first foray into thriller territory, which he executed pretty well.

Based on Darcey Bell’s book of the same name, the film follows a vlogger named Stephanie from a small town, who soon strikes up a friendship with Emily, one of the parents at her son’s school. However, while Stephanie is babysitting Emily’s son, she fails to return, leading her to be reported missing. The movie unravels from here, with plenty of lies and deceit revealing themselves. We’re left constantly uncertain of what’s real and what’s not, with plenty of twists and turns making for thrilling entertainment. 

Emily is played by Blake Lively, best known for her starring role in Gossip Girl. Like her mysterious, secret-harbouring character in the popular teen show, Lively is just as compelling here. Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick, who rose to prominence in the Pitch Perfect series, portrays Stephanie, also giving a strong performance. 

Alongside them is Henry Golding as Sean, Emily’s husband who soon gets involved with Stephanie, and Linda Cardenelli as Diana, who first worked with Feig back in the ‘90s on Freaks and Geeks. Andrew Rannells, the Broadway star who has also starred on screen in projects like Girls and Big Mouth, features as Darren, and British actor Rupert Friend appears as Dennis. 

You might be wondering why the film has suddenly shot to the top of Netflix’s charts, and the answer most likely lies in the fact that a sequel has just been greenlit, with Feig ready to direct. The first rumblings of a sequel emerged in 2022, and it’s taken two years for it to actually get underway. It will be made available on Prime Video, with new cast members reportedly appearing alongside the main stars, such as Elena Sofia Ricci and Elizabeth Perkins.

There is no official release date yet.