‘Fool Me Once’ Netflix star says gay representation is important
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'Fool Me Once' Netflix star says gay representation is important

Dino Fetscher, who recently starred alongside Michelle Keegan in the Netflix drama Fool Me Once, has opened up about why playing Marty McGreggor in the show was “important” for gay representation.

The onscreen adaptation of Harlan Coben’s best-selling book follows Maya Stern (Keegan), an ex-soldier who embarks on a mission to solve the case of her murdered husband.

While Stern’s efforts are largely independent, the official police investigation is led by DS Kierce (Adeel Akhtar) and his junior, McGreggor, who Fetscher portrays.

Fetscher referenced a scene where McGreggor comes out as gay when discussing a date with DS Kierce.

When it’s revealed it was with a man, his colleague merely jokes about his healthy lifestyle, saying he hopes the man “likes protein shakes”.

Reflecting on that moment to the BBC, Fetscher said: “Working with someone as well established as Kierce and the reveal of me coming out to him really moves our story forward and bonds us and builds that trust.”

The development of the scene and the response from his onscreen peer he felt was “important” in furthering positive LGBTQ+ representation.

“It’s nice to see someone happy,” he said. “A beautiful soul, good at their job, a really great person who just happens to be a gay person or queer person.”