Five Netflix series cancelled following strike issues
(Credit: Netflix)


Five Netflix series cancelled following strike issues

Over the past half a year of writers and actors strikes, Netflix has primarily chosen to refrain from making any cancellation decisions at the same time as renewing a slew of their shows like One Piece and Heartstopper.

The streaming service usually considers a given series’ performance vs. its cost in whether to renew or cancel it, and it looks as though they had weighed up the fate of five of their shows, bringing their respective timelines to an end.

Shadow and Bone, Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar and Captain Fall have all been axed by Netflix following the changes in finances and scheduling now that the strikes have been resolved and a deal with the unions agreed.

Captain Fall has been dropped from release in the middle of its first season. The animated show had been set to release 20 episodes in two parts of it’s first season, but after part one failed to attract viewers, the second batch of episodes have been canned.

Shadow and Bone was inspired by Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novels and is perhaps the most prominent of the shows to be cancelled, seeing as it had a big fanbase and even led to a video game adaptation.

Glamourous arrived on Netflix back in July, telling of a young gender non-conforming queer man lost in their life until they get a job working for a legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison.

Even the Matthew McConaughey-voiced Agent Elvis did not make the renewal cut. The series, produced by McConaughey and Priscilla Presley, sees The King swap his jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is inducted into a secret government spy program.

Finally, Farzar, the sci-fi comedy that focuses on Prince Michael and his crew making their way out of their domed human city to fight evil aliens, has also been axed.