Five last-minute Netflix-inspired Halloween costume ideas
(Credit: Netflix)


Five last-minute Netflix-inspired Halloween costume ideas

If you find yourself in a last-minute scramble to put together the perfect costume, fear not, procrastinators, for Netflix has got your back. 

With countless shows and characters to draw inspiration from, here are five incredibly easy Netflix-inspired Halloween costume ideas for those who’ve left it to the eleventh hour.

Whether you choose the classic Wednesday Addams, the pirate Luffy, or the iconic Chandler Bing, these last-minute costumes are sure to make a statement at any Halloween gathering.

So, grab what you can find around the house or make a quick trip to the store and have a spooktacular Halloween, Netflix-style!

Wednesday Addams from Wednesday

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween costume with minimal effort, look no further than the beloved Wednesday Addams. Inspired by the Netflix series Wednesday (and, of course, the previous renditions also available to stream on the platform), a black-and-white theme is all you need.

Braid your hair, throw on a black dress on top of a white shirt with its collars peeking out, cast a murderous look on your face, and you’ll instantly transform into the iconic gloomy daughter of the Addams family.

Luffy from One Piece

If you’re a fan of anime and the live-action hit from Netflix and want a simple yet recognisable costume, channel your inner pirate and become Monkey D. Luffy from the long-running series One Piece.

All you need is a red vest, a straw hat, a pair of blue culottes or baggy jeans folded at the bottom, and a bit of creativity to draw on the character’s distinctive scar under the eye.

Lily Iglehart from Sex Education

Sex Education has been a Netflix favourite, and the character Lily Iglehart provides an easy yet endearing costume idea. Lily is known for her quirky style and colourful clothing. You can put together a Lily outfit with mismatched patterns; it is even better if you can find a bright pastel sweater to layer over a pastel turtleneck. Don’t forget Lily’s signature space buns.

Lily’s character is all about embracing your unique style, making it an excellent choice for those who want to stand out without much effort.

Chandler Bing from Friends

For those who want to go the nostalgic route, dress up as one of the most beloved characters from Friends. Channel your inner Chandler Bing by wearing a shirt, vest, and khaki pants combo, along with a pair of sneakers.

Arm yourself with some of his well-timed sarcasm and one-liners to complete the vibe of the character.

Casper the Friendly Ghost from Casper

This might just be the laziest idea of the lot, and all you need to assemble it is a white sheet you no longer care for because you will need to cut out some holes in it for Casper’s eyes and mouth.

You can throw on white gloves or white sneakers; however, they are entirely optional as the essence of Casper is captured by the ghostly white shape and his friendly demeanour.