First trailer for Netflix’s ‘T.I.M.’ arrives, featuring ‘The Witcher’ star Eamon Farren
(Credit: Netflix)

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First trailer for Netflix's 'T.I.M.' arrives, featuring 'The Witcher' star Eamon Farren

The debut trailer for the new thriller T.I.M., featuring The Witcher star Eamon Farren and Black Mirror alumni Georgina Campbell, has arrived. It will be released on Netflix on August 16th.

Netflix’s official synopsis for the film explains: “T.I.M. delves into our fear of A.I. — tech companies racing ahead, wanting to be first to market, when even they admit they don’t know exactly what they’re unleashing on the world. And whether it will destroy us.”

The acronym T.I.M. stands for ‘Technologically. Integrated. Manservant’. In the movie, Campbell pays robotics engineer Abi, who moves to the Cambridgeshire countryside with her unfaithful husband, Paul, played by Mark Rowley. Abi is then offered a lifeline when her employers offer her the prototype T.I.M. – Farren – to improve her life.

However, things do not go as planned, and in the trailer, things get much darker, with the droid starting to take an alarming interest in the couple’s relationship, and developing a fascination with Abi. T.I.M., who is programmed to serve Abi, plots to usurp Paul. The movie also stars Amara Karan, Nathaniel Parker, and Tom Bell.

 T.I.M. is the directorial debut of comedian Spencer Brown, who penned the script with his wife, the author Sarah Govett. Discussing the project in October 2022, Brown said: “It’s been a privilege to have such an incredible cast for my first movie — Georgina lights up the screen with her amazing presence and subtlety, Mark wins our hearts with his humour, depth and humanity and Eamon completes the central trio with a brilliant AI performance that showcases his truly world-class talent.”

He continued: “Stigma Films have been incredible in helping me bring this film to the screen, and I’m so happy to be working with Altitude to take this movie out into the world. I hope it’s something that will still be watched when people have house robots of their own!”

Watch the trailer for T.I.M. below.