Fiona Harvey attorney claims Netflix pushed Richard Gadd into “true story” addition
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Fiona Harvey attorney claims Netflix pushed Richard Gadd into “true story” addition

It may no longer be the most-watched series on Netflix, but the ripple effect caused by Richard Gadd’s semi-autobiographical Baby Reindeer continues to reverberate.

The seven-episode series snowballed into becoming a streaming sensation after premiering on April 11th, with subscribers around the world captivated by creator, writer, and star Gadd’s dramatisation of a period in his life that pushed him to the emotional and psychological brink.

Jessica Gunning won huge plaudits for her performance as Martha, the overzealous acquaintance who quickly becomes dangerously obsessed with the object of her affection, and despite several key creatives urging online sleuths not to try and uncover the real-life identities of the characters, those pleas fell on deaf ears.

As a result, when Fiona Harvey came forward and named herself as the inspiration for Martha, she wasted little time in taking Netflix to task. The lawyer is in the midst of putting together a $170 million defamation lawsuit against the streamer and Gadd for the way in which she was portrayed on-screen, and yet another new caveat has emerged.

According to attorney Richard Roth, it was Netflix who pushed Gadd into adding the “this is a true story” opener to add Baby Reindeer another layer of authenticity despite his hesitance, presumably in the knowledge that this very situation could potentially arise.

“This is far worse than negligence, this is intentional misconduct if they were told, ‘Don’t make it a true story’, and then they said it was true,” Roth explained on Piers Morgan Uncensored. “They are going to have to show that they have the facts to support their claim.”

The lawyer then suggested that Gadd would be called upon to testify should the legal battle end up making its way to the courtroom, with Roth adamant that the sizeable settlement fee being sought is justifiable for Baby Reindeer when “they are pumping this story and they are making oodles of money from it.”

Netflix has already outlined that it plans to defend itself vigorously should the lawsuit end up in front of a judge, and it’s becoming increasingly clear the fallout from Baby Reindeer is nowhere close to being over. Audiences may have binged their way through the show and become enthralled by what they saw, but for the people claiming to be the figures facsimiled on-screen by Gadd, they’ve been subjected to online harassment and even death threats whether the claims hold any water or not.