FBI to exhume body of woman featured in Netflix true-crime doc
(Credit: Netflix)

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FBI to exhume body of woman featured in Netflix true-crime doc

In a significant development linked to Netflix’s 2017 true-crime series The Keepers, the FBI is slated to exhume the body of Joyce Malecki. Malecki’s unresolved case was featured in the series alongside that of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a nun whose murder still remains unsolved.

Reports suggest that authorities are probing potential ties between the disappearances of Malecki and Cesnik, both of which occurred in November 1969. Malecki, then aged 20, went missing on the 11th of November and was discovered two days later in a river near Fort Meade, having been strangled and stabbed.

This tragedy followed the disappearance of Cesnik, which took place four days earlier on the 7th of November. Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore is where Malecki was laid to rest, and this is where her body will be exhumed. However, the exact timing of the FBI’s plans remains undisclosed.

Kurt Wolfgang, the Executive Director of the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, gave insight into the FBI’s intentions during a conversation with WBAL-TV. “The FBI gave us no indication other than to say the purpose of the exhumation is to collect evidence.” 

Surmising as to why the body of Malecki was being exhumed, Wolfgang suggested it may relate to an already existing perpetrator, saying: “Our best speculation is that they may be looking for DNA evidence to match it up with a potential suspect they may already have.”

Wolfgang went on to underscore the enduring importance of seeking justice, irrespective of the time that has passed. “It doesn’t matter that it was 50-some years ago, justice is justice, and I know the Malecki family still yearns for it.”

The Keepers is available to watch on Netflix now.