Fans of ‘Stranger Things’ can call Argyle with Surfer Boy Pizza number
(Credit: Netflix)


Fans of 'Stranger Things' can call Argyle with Surfer Boy Pizza number

If you were to dial The Surfer Boy Pizza number shown on the side of a van in Stranger Things, you may be surprised by a sneaky easter egg, with the number connecting fans of the show to a special recording from Argyle (Eduardo Franco).

Introduced in the fourth season of the show, Argyle works for Surfer Boy Pizza and uses the company van to rescue Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) with both Will (Noah Schnapp) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Becoming best friends with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) Argyle is a laid-back stoner who provides the new series with much of its comedy. 

The phone number (805-457-4992) on the side of the van takes callers to a pre-recorded message when dialled, with the voice of Argyle picking up the phone and introducing himself before putting you on hold to help a struggling co-worker. 

The transcript of the message reads, “Brochacos, I just got another order before this dude on hold called it’s super specific, like weird specific. You ready? So first, it’s got to be six-inch crust and it’s got to be super yellow. I don’t know, don’t ask me man. That’s what they said. And then we got to get the red sauce, just up to the edge on the crust. So don’t go over”. 

Continuing, the message adds, “And next they want, and this is really important, four chops of white mozzarella, three habaneros nice and bright orange, two green pepper slices, got to let the habanero sing man. And then one, just one, piece of blue cheese on top. Now I know it’s strange. Blue cheese is damn near mould. But hey, have you tried it? Try before you deny bro. Ok that’s all I got. Did you get the order? Yeah, cool”. 

Fans are still recovering from the thrill of Stranger Things season four, with the latest release offering up surprise deaths, mad action scenes and a drizzling of Kate Bush.