Fans can’t stop talking about Netflix’s Original film ‘Kate’
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Fans can't stop talking about Netflix’s Original film 'Kate'

The newest Netflix neo-noir thriller flooding the neon-lit streets of Japan with excitement, adventure and a blistering pace is the Netflix Original film, Kate, which has already garnered a lot of fan attention, especially in Japan. 

The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is a dangerous assassin seeking revenge on the streets of Japan. With a badass female assassin, the film shows the stereotypical struggle of a foreigner battling the deadly yakuza. 

The film was met with immense criticism on international platforms, and folks in Japan have had quite a few opinions to share on the topic. Hollywood has always had an obsession with stereotyping Japan and reinforcing old cliches, including neon-lit streets, flashy cars, sunglass-clad men and many other tropes. Not only do these films show how the western world views the East, it also drew some fascinating responses from the people in Japan. In terms of stereotyping, Kate is no different to any other blockbusting release.  

According to Cinema Drake, the film bears semblance to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and “clearly displays the lack of progression in the depiction [of Japan] over the past 18 years”. However, CineMag praised the film for blending in the Japanese and Western stylistic patterns effortlessly. 

While the film got immensely trolled by some calling it a part of “a genre called Wrong About Japan” as well as being criticised for the lack of coherence and awful selection of music. The most damning assessment came with viewers calling it a delusional projection of how the West views the Japanese underbelly and underground subculture.

However, others praised the on-location photography, action and overall entertainment value of the film. To form an opinion for yourself, stream the film on Netflix now. 

Watch the trailer for Kate below: