‘Family Switch’: Netflix receives backlash after “incestuous” kiss scene in Christmas film
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'Family Switch': Netflix receives backlash after "incestuous" kiss scene in Christmas film

Netflix viewers were left disgusted after watching an “incestuous” kissing scene in the streaming giant’s festive new film, Family Switch.

Starring Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms, Family Switch is a body-swatch film in which four family members swap bodies, including a married couple.

As the family members come to grips with their new situation, two kids — in their parents’ bodies — are forced to kiss at a family gathering in front of the parents’ friends.

After being told that “couples need a minimum of 12 kisses a day just to sustain a relationship”, and following a series of chanting that ensues urging the pair to “kiss, kiss!”, the daughter and her brother reluctantly proceed to kiss each other on the lips.

One viewer wrote: “I’m watching that new movie called Family Switch and oh my lord the sudden incest is smth that was so unexpected and unnecessary…”

Film critic Courtney Howard wrote: “Family Switch marks a real low point body-swap comedies as it steals from all others before it without compunction. But you can thank your lucky stars they don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit: incest jokes. Just kidding. Those are there. I had you.”

Another viewer wrote: “Netflix’s movie Family Switch has implex incest. Netflix, how did that advance the plot? And why would you put this in a holiday movie marketed as family friendly?”

Along with Garner and Helms, the film also stars Emma Myers as CC Walker, and Brady Noon as Wyatt Walker.

Family Switch is available to stream on Netflix now.