Exploring the real-life Instagram account of Anna Delvey
(Credit: Anna Delvey / Instagram)

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Exploring the real-life Instagram account of Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey is now a household name. After she posed as the fake German heiress and adopted the alias of Anna Delvey, when her real name is Anna Sorokin, she was witty enough to scam the New York elite of millions of dollars. Anna’s web of lies and deceit was brought to the fore by Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” and left millions flabbergasted. 

Shonda Rhimes was so enamoured by her story that she decided to create the limited Netflix series, Inventing Anna, starring the iconic Julia Garner in the lead, where they tried to examine who Anna Delvey really is. Anna became the epitome of the downside of the American dream for many. Some called her the subversion of capitalism while others belittled her for her con-artistry. However, Anna Delvey remains unbothered in custody as she serves time for overstaying her United States visa. 

While the world picks at their brains trying to figure out the real Anna Delvey, her true self can be traced through her Instagram posts that show off her spiritedness, sass and love for all things expensive. 

Anna has 340 posts on her Instagram account, titled @theannadelvey. The first post in December 2013 shows off a blurry sunrise in Paris. The comments have been turned off for her initial few posts. 

Anna shows off her love for travelling and art via her posts. From pictures of the gothic structure of the Kolner Dom to paintings of Francesco Russo and Monet and pictures of her travel destinations, Anna’s Instagram account in the early 2010s feels like a photo book of memories.  

In March 2018, she posts a picture showing off a Givenchy box, thus hinting at wealth and opulence. 

However, Anna’s love for art continues to shine through her neatly curated wall of memories. 

Anna posts snippets of her won self, scattered among the lush selection of photographs, most of which are taken using the Vintage filter. Malibu, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and more, Delvey seems to be globetrotting through these destinations, living the dream life. She even shows off her Fendi dinner at New York Fashion Week. 

Even though she was arrested in 2017, Anna’s Instagram shows no amount of regret or remorse as she continues to be carefree. Her last post- a selfie- on August 30th, 2017, is followed by a three-year-long hiatus. 

On March 24th, 2020, Anna posts an abstract art with the caption “But I’m too pretty to go to jail”, thus beginning the burning legacy of her crime in the world of pop culture. 

She begins posting snippets of her prison art, some of which have been recently displayed at an exhibition by a fellow con artist. She provides an email address to people to reach out to her and continues showing off various pencil drawings made in prison, most of which make fun of the newspapers like New York Post. she also namedrops brands and emanates the love and desperation to bask in wealth and glory yet again.  

Anna’s humour is broken but hilarious. After posting a few snippets of her life, one particular Tweet got me. She refers to Kim Kardashian and says, “Going to trial is the new sex tape”.

Her next Tweet post on Instagram says, “The only job I’m willing to accept at this stage of my career is @GoldmanSachs creative director”. 

While she draws comparisons between herself and Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct, she says in one of her posts, “Sociopath? I see it as a compliment.”

Anna posts a variety of snippets and her Instagram gives a good look into her thought process. Her prison art, in particular, helps dissect her mind and understand that she still thrives in a world of delusion. It is an intoxicating timeline as it very easily draws one into the world of riches and wealth. It shows how money corrupts. It shows her ambitious hunger and her desperation to do something big for herself.

Delvey wanted to be rich. Delvey wanted to be famous. Delvey wanted to be successful. She just did not know the correct way to do it.