Everything we know so far about Netflix’s Wallace and Gromit movie
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Everything we know so far about Netflix's Wallace and Gromit movie

Netflix may have already captured the best of British TV, giving shows like The Crown and Sex Education star billing, before later adding BBC staple Peaky Blinders to its roster. But in January 2022, it announced a truly cracking coup. The Aardman animation studio was signing on to produce two Netflix movies.

The two movies in question would be a sequel to the 2000 coop-based comedy Chicken Run, and the latest feature film starring legendary claymation double act Wallace & Gromit. While the second Chicken Run was released in time for Christmas last year, the latter project is still in the works.

But as of June 6th, Netflix has released some exciting updates, tantalising us with the prospect of Britain’s most famous cheese enthusiast and his clever canine companion returning to our screens. Along with the unexpected return of an old house guest.

So, what do we know about the movie? Well, the trail of cracker crumbs is getting longer, and it’s about time to dive into the details. Let’s ramp up the excitement by looking at everything that’s been confirmed so far.

Firstly, what’s it called?

Like most Wallace & Gromit adventures, Aardman has come up with a playful pun for their new film’s title. Spoofing the name of the 1964 movie Murder Most Foul, which was based on a typically British Agatha Christie mystery, the filmmakers have called their upcoming release. Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl.

The play on the word “foul” alludes to a bird of some sort, while the idea of vengeance suggests a character back on the scene with a score to settle. More on these hints below.

How will it compare with other Wallace and Gromit movies?

If 2023’s Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is anything to go by, Vengeance Most Fowl looks set to be even more visually spectacular then its forerunners. Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park, co-director Merlin Crossingham and their team of animators now have the advantage of combining state-of-the-art computer graphics with their traditional stop-motion approach to animating the clay figures we see on screen.

On the other hand, although there were still plenty of laughs, it must be said that the Chicken Run sequel wasn’t quite as funny as the first film. Will we see a slight drop in writing quality from the screenplays of previous Wallace & Gromit features, such as The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and A Matter of Loaf and Death? There is cause for optimism on that front, with everyone’s favourite villain on the prowl again.

So, who’s in the film?

Aardman and Netflix have secured a cast of British comedy all-stars to voice supporting characters in the movie, including celebrated stand-up Peter Kay, Philomena Cunk actor Diane Morgan, and League of Gentleman co-creator Reece Shearsmith.

Then there’s Shakespearean actor Adjoa Andoh, who many Netflix viewers will know as Lady Danbury from Bridgerton, as well as British national treasure Lenny Henry. Lauren Patel and Muzz Khan round off the cast that’s been announced.

But who will voice Wallace?

Since original Wallace voice actor Peter Sallis retired from the role in 2012 and passed away in 2017, the biggest hole in the cast of any further Wallace & Gromit film was left needing to be filled. Luckily, voice actor Ben Whitehead was ready for the task, having already deputised for Sallis during certain scenes of A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Whitehead is a specialist voice actor who seamlessly stepped into Sallis’ shoes during previous Wallace & Gromit shorts. We needn’t worry about the movie’s main man sounding any different from before.

And which other Wallace and Gromit characters will feature?

Well, we know of one for certain. One iconic character will be making his first appearance alongside Wallace & Gromit since 1993. In the newly-released teaser trailer for the movie, he walks out of his prison cell and stares down the camera lens, like Max Cady from Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear

That’s right. Con artist-cum-chicken impersonator Feathers McGraw is a free penguin, ready to track Wallace down and get his revenge. What can Gromit do to stop him?

We’ll have to wait to find out. But we know from the short synopsis that Netflix have shared that the persistent pooch will already have his hands full trying to rein in Wallace’s obsession with new inventions. Including a smart gnome that seems to have developed a mind of its own.

Lastly, when and where can we watch it?

The film will receive its world premiere on British television, going out on BBC One at Christmas. 

Then Netflix should make it available on their platform around the world at the start of 2025, as a “winter 2025” release has been confirmed.