Everything we know about the new Florence Pugh Netflix film
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Everything we know about the new Florence Pugh Netflix film

Florence Pugh has become a massive phenomenon in the industry with her prolific acting skills and effortless ability to adapt to any role bestowed on her. One of the best actresses in Hollywood in recent times, Pugh has asserted her acting skills in films like Midsommar, Lady Macbeth, Little Women, Black Widow, Outlaw King etc. Besides the upcoming Netflix Original, The Wonder, she will also be seen alongside Harry Styles in Olivia Wilde’s 2022 psychological thriller flick, Don’t Worry Darling

Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Lelio is known for his 2013 film Gloria and his Award-winning film A Fantastic Woman. He will be helming the project that is based on Normal People writer, Alice Birch’s screenplay. Birch worked in close association with Donoghue to develop the film script. 

Lelio is extremely grateful to bag this opportunity of adapting Donoghue’s novel as it “ not only offers me the chance to portray the collision between reason and faith, individual and community, obedience and rebellion but also to explore my own interpretation of what a ‘period’ film can be.”

He also expressed his excitement at being able to work with “the magnetic and courageous Florence Pugh” as the “fierce female lead”. Pugh is an incredible actress and will definitely add the balanced emotional aspect to her character as seen in previous films. 

Ahead of the film’s release, here is everything we know about the new Florence Pugh Netflix film, The Wonder

Everything we know about the new Florence Pugh Netflix film 

What is the plot of the new Florence Pugh Netflix film? 

The film will be based on Emma Donoghue’s popular gothic thriller. Set in 1862 Irish midlands, the film is inspired by the infamous 19th-century phenomenon called “fasting girls”. The film will focus on Anne O’Donnell, a young eleven-year-old, who remains completely healthy despite her abstinence from eating. 

Brought to a small village by a nurse named Lib Wright, O’Donnell is kept wonder constant observation and soon becomes a sensational phenomenon as townsfolk gather to get a glimpse of her. 

Wright is joined by a journalist named Will Byrne who is still unconvinced of this miraculous story of survival. 

Who are the cast members of the new Florence Pugh Netflix film?

The film will see a varied ensemble cast. While Pugh will be seen in the lead role as Lib Wright, Tom Burke from The Souvenir will be seen as Will Byrne. Belfast actors Niamh Algar and Ciaran Hinds will also be a part of the project besides others. 

The following are the cast members on The Wonder

  • Florence Pugh 
  • Tom Burke 
  • Niamh Algar 
  • Ciaran Hinds 
  • Kila Lord Cassidy 
  • Toby Jones
  • Elaine Cassidy
  • David Wilmot 
  • Brian F. O’Byrne 
  • Dermot Crowley 

What is the production status of the new Florence Pugh Netflix film?

The film has been shot in County Wicklow, south of Dublin in Ireland. The film is most likely in post-production. 

Emma Donoghue has shared funny, insightful tweets from the sets as well.

In August 2021, Pugh had taken to Instagram to give her fans an insight into the filming process. 

What is the release date for the new Florence Pugh Netflix film?

The Wonder is set to be one of the big releases for 2022 (as confirmed by Donoghue in her Twitter bio). However, the streaming service is yet to announce the exact release date.