Everything we know about Pierce Brosnan Netflix film ‘The Out-Laws’
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Everything we know about Pierce Brosnan Netflix film 'The Out-Laws'

Whenever we think of Pierce Brosnan, we cannot help but associate him with the charming British spy James Bond aka 007, a character that has largely defined his acting career. However, his upcoming Netflix film The Out-Laws will see this ruggedly handsome man back in action in a comedy flick and fans are totally waiting for this to start streaming on Netflix. 

Directed by Tyler Spindel, popular for his work on projects like The Wrong Missy, Father of the Year, Deported and more, the film will be based on a script co-written by Evan Turner and Ben Zazove. The film will be produced by one of the actors, Adam DeVine, along with Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production house, and Brendan O’Brien and Isaac Horne. 

Ahead of its release, here, at Best of Netflix, we have compiled everything that we know about the upcoming film:

Everything we know about Pierce Brosnan Netflix film

What is the film about?

Described to follow the spirit of the 2019 film Metter the Parents starring Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller that received intense criticism, the film will most likely follow the journey of a boring bank manager named Owen Browning who is about to marry his childhood sweetheart, Parker. 

Enter the notorious rogues, the Ghost Bandits who raid his bank during his wedding week, causing him to get stuck in the building. During this time, Owen believes that the Out-Laws are actually his in-laws who have arrived in town for the wedding. 

Owen is described to be a lion-hearted man who is very dedicated to his job at the bank while the leader of the Ghost Bandits, Billy, is supposed to be an insanely handsome man who has spent his entire life robbing banks. 

Who are the cast members?

In July 2021, it was confirmed that the film would be led by Pierce Brosnan and Adam DeVine in the roles of Billy McDermott and Owen Browning respectively. 

DeVine is known for his roles in Modern Family, Green Eggs and Ham and Pitch Perfect. Brosnan, who is celebrated for having played the suave British spy James Bond, has recently finished filming for Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson. 

Although the other names have not yet been announced, it is said that Netflix is currently eyeing Lucy Liu to play the character of Lily McDermott. 

What is the status of production? 

The film has recently finished off with script development and has gone into production on 19th October 2021. Filming should wrap up by 18th December 2021. The entire production is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. 

When will the film be released? 

Given the current status of production, the film will most likely be released by the end of 2022.