Everything we know about Netflix’s upcoming ‘That 90s Show’
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Everything we know about Netflix’s upcoming 'That 90s Show'

Much to the fans of the beloved sitcom That 70s Show, Netflix is coming with a spin-off titled That 90s Show which is set in the 90s and will see the iconic Eric Forman, played by Topher Grace, as a father cracking obnoxious dad jokes and insistently questioning the persistent odour. 

Created by Mark Brazil, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, That ‘70s Show was a period sitcom that acted as an ode to the 1970s. 

It chronicled the joys, sorrows, events, fads and socio-political and economic factors of the era via the life of the high-schooler Eric Forman and his friends. 

That 90s Show will deal with the 90s generation, notably Forman’s daughter. With ten 30-minute episodes, the show has immense buzz among viewers despite not having a fixed release date. 

Here is everything we know about Netflix’s upcoming spin-off That 90s Show

Everything we know about Netflix’s upcoming ‘That 90s Show’

What is the plot of That 90s Show?

That 90s Show will mainly revolve around Eric Forman’s daughter, Leia, who travels to Wisconsin to spend time with Forman’s parents. While not much is known about the events and elements of the show, That 90s Show is set in 1995 and will most likely be equally wild as indicated by the tagline that reads “sex, drugs and rock ’n roll never dies, it just changes clothes”.

Who is returning from That 70s Show

A lot of popular faces from That 70s Show is coming back for this Netflix reunion. These names include Kurtwood Smith as Reginald ‘Red’ Forman, Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman, Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart, Wilmer Valderrama as Fez and Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso. 

Laura Prepon as Donna and Topher Grace as Eric Forman will be back too, besides Tommy Chong. 

Danny Masterson, who was arrested in 2020 for alleged rape and sexual assault and will stand trial in August 2022, is a notable absentee. 

Who are the new cast members in That 90s Show?

That 90s Show will have a host of several new faces, namely Mace Coronel as Jay who is an aspiring filmmaker, seen roaming about with his camera. Callie Haverda will be seen as Leia Forman, Eric’s daughter with Donna, who is a bookish person and one of the central figures of the story. 

Ashley Aufderheide will be seen as Gwen, a classic epitome of the 90s fashion with pink hair and ripped jeans. Reyn Doi will play her gay and unabashed best friend, Ozzie. Maxwell Acee Donovan will be seen as the classic Midwestern, old minivan-driving older brother of Gwen’s. Samantha Morelos will star as Nikki, an intelligent girl from a family of overachievers, who is dating Nate. 

Will That 70s Show come to Netflix?

Netflix had the global streaming rights to That 70s Show before losing the streaming rights in September 2020. While the show has not yet found a new streaming home, it could very well return to Netflix to increase the hype over the upcoming sequel.