Everything we know about Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes 2’
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Everything we know about Netflix's 'Enola Holmes 2'

Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter and Louis Partridge, became one of Netflix’s most popular releases after it started streaming in September 2020. It was some of the most popular titles to have ever streamed on Netflix, and we cannot help but appreciate Brown for her incredible performance as the free-spirited and independent girl, Enola. A character whose catharsis from naivete to wisdom and independence is delightful and promising. 

After the first film’s release, Brown had expressed her desire to come back for a second film, saying, “Let’s see how people respond to the first one. Let’s see if they fall in love with Enola as much as I have fallen in love, but there’s definitely much more of a story to be told.”

Brown, who was already a fan of the Nancy Springer books, worked in close collaboration with the crew members to help perfect the portrayal of Enola. Bradbeer told Decider that “Millie Bobby Brown was already attached to the movie. Because she, with her sister, found the book and took it to Legendary, who agreed to make it. So they were partners and producers right from the start. And then I came along after the script was in place, and they’d done the adaptation of the book.”

After the sequel was announced in May 2021, here is everything that we need to know about Enola Holmes 2 before it starts streaming by the end of next year:

Everything we know about Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2

What can be expected from Enola Holmes 2?

The first film ended with an ambiguous Holmes family reunion and a free-spirited Enola finally finding her freedom to traverse and pursue her own path in life. 

When asked about the sequel, Harry Bradbeer promised Decider hordes of unresolved family tension within the “dysfunctional [Holmes] family” that had many unaddressed issues and the various political tensions in the country as a result of the suffragette movement. 

Fans were not really sure of what Enola’s mother was up to. To that, Bradbeer simply says, “I can say it will certainly be looked into in future movies. And I’m delighted to say I’m not entirely sure what she’s up to.”

Although the exact plotline for the story is not known yet, there are plenty of stories that the film narrative may derive from. If the film series follows the chronological order, it is most likely that they shall be adapting The Case of the Left-Handed Lady where the young, sprightly girl will be seen investigating the disappearance of Lady Cecily Alistair.

If that book is the crux of the story, we might finally get to see Holmes’s sidekick, Dr. Watson. 

Who are the cast members in Enola Holmes 2? 

After the sequel was initially announced by Variety, some of the major cast members were set to return.

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, who play Enola and Sherlock respectively, are definitely set to make a return on-screen. Brown is gearing up for Stranger Things season 4 production and release, while Cavill will soon be seen in the second season of The Witcher.

However, it is yet unclear whether Sam Claflin or Helena Bonham Carter shall make a comeback as the older Holmes brother and matriarch respectively. 

Due to Brown’s mysterious wink in reply to a comment on her Instagram post that speculated Partridge’s return, fans are speculating the return of Enola’s friend Lord Tewkesbury aka Louis Partridge. 

Who is directing the sequel Enola Holmes 2?

The entire team for Enola Holmes is set to come back for the sequel. 

Harry Bradbeer, who directed the prequel and is known for Fleabag and his love for breaking the fourth wall ala both the shows, will assume the director’s position yet again. 

Produced by Micahel Dreyer, Paige Brown, Ali Mendes, Alex Garcia, Mary Parent and Joshua Grode, the screenwriter is Jack Thorne, yet again the executive producer as well as the one who is adapting the script from Nancy Springer novels. 

When will production begin for Enola Holmes 2

Brown is currently busy with her role as Eleven in Stranger Things season 4. Thus, it is most likely that the sequel will be in production from this September. 

The Knowledge revealed that the sequel is set to use a “major south-east studio as its production base” while Hull Live reported how Hull high street would soon be “transformed into Victorian London” on October 5 and 6, 2021, which makes a September commencement for production most likely. 

Locals might be seen in the production as well, and the production company will, in all probability, hire extras to dress up in Victorian clothing as pedestrians to add realism to the film.