Everything we know about Netflix Original Polish thriller ‘Open Your Eyes’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Everything we know about Netflix Original Polish thriller 'Open Your Eyes'

Based on the popular Polish novel by Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk, Druga szansa, the upcoming Netflix Original Open Your Eyes is a Polish thriller, the trailer for which looks terrifying and intense. It seems to be quite gripping by the looks of it and might be one of the most successful Polish Netflix Originals to date. 

This is Polish Netflix’s fourth production following the likes of 1983, The Woods and Sexify. 

It is based on a screenplay by Igor Brejdygant, Milena Dutkowska and Kasper Bajon. With a fascinating premise where a lone survivor is caught in a treatment facility and is disillusioned by dreams and reality, questioning “who am I?”, viewers are in for a visual rollercoaster ride with this one. 

Before its release, take a look at everything we know about Netflix’s new Polish thriller, Open Your Eyes. 

All about Netflix’s Polish thriller Open Your Eyes

When will Open Your Eyes release? 

Open Your Eyes will be available for streaming on all Netflix platforms globally on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. 

What is the plot for Open Your Eyes?

The Polish thriller has a very promising trailer that sets the premise for a riveting narrative. 

Lone survivor Julka, a teenage girl, is stranded in a treatment centre after the tragic death of her family in an accident. Ridden with amnesia, Julka is haunted by vivid dreams that feel too real. 

Soon, Julka begins to question herself and her surroundings as dreams begin to coalesce with reality making her want to discover the ugly truth and escape the conniving facility she is entrapped in as well as the world in general.

How many episodes does Open Your Eyes have?

Open Your Eyes will reportedly have six episodes, all of which will be available for streaming upon its premiere on Netflix. 

Who are the cast members starring in Open Your Eyes

As of now, the names of all the roles for the cast members are not known. It has been confirmed that Maria Wawreniuk is playing the role of Julka while Ignacy Liss shall star as Adam. Here is the full confirmed list of cast members set to appear in the series:

  • Maria Wawreniuk 
  • Ignacy Liss
  • Marta Nieradkiewicz
  • Sara Celler-Jezierska 
  • Marcin Czarnik 
  • Zuzanna Galewicz
  • Klaudia Koscista 
  • Wojciech Dolatowski 
  • Dawid Kartaszewicz