Everything we know about ‘Death by Lightning’
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Everything we know about ‘Death by Lightning’

Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are riding a mellow high with the reception of Netflix’s latest sci-fi offering, 3 Body Problem, which they co-created with Alexander Woo. But D&D (as the creator duo were nicknamed during their GoT days) have another Netflix series in the pipeline, Death by Lightning.

Death by Lightning is a political drama series that promises to delve into the actual events surrounding the assassination of the reluctant 20th President of the United States, James Garfield, who was killed by a fervent admirer, Charles Guiteau. D&D will be executive producing, along with Bernie Caulfield, as per Netflix.

While Death by Lightning does not have a release date or a window, the premise and announced cast list are intriguing enough to bookmark the project.

Read on to know everything we know so far about Death by Lightning.

What is Death by Lightning about?

Death by Lightning will be about the stranger-than-fiction true story of James Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, and his devoted admirer Charles Guiteau, who ultimately assassinated him. The series is created by Mike Makowsky. All the episodes will be directed by Matt Ross, who directed the Viggo Mortensen comedy-drama Captain Fantastic and the Julia Roberts and Betty Gilpin starring political thriller Gaslit.

Adapted from Candice Millard’s novel Destiny of the Republic, the series promises to unravel the intricate political landscape and personal motivations that led to one of America’s most shocking presidential assassinations.

Destiny of the Republic is set against the backdrop of post-Civil War America. The story explores Garfield’s rise to power, his ideals, and the tumultuous political landscape of the era. It delves into the events leading to Garfield’s shooting by Guiteau, a disillusioned office-seeker, and the subsequent medical malpractice that ultimately claimed Garfield’s life.

Who is in the cast of Death by Lightning?

The entire cast of Death by Lightning has not been announced yet. But it already boasts an ensemble of talented actors set to bring this historical drama to life. 

Three-time Emmy Award nominee Betty Gilpin takes on the role of Crete Garfield, the first lady. Recent Emmy and Independent Spirit Award winner Nick Offerman portrays Vice President Chester Arthur. Joining them are Matthew Macfadyen as Charles Guiteau and Michael Shannon as James Garfield.

When is Death by Lightning being released?

While the production of Death by Lightning is yet to commence, eager fans can anticipate its release sometime in late 2025, if not a 2026 release window.

Is there a trailer for Death by Lightning?

As the production of Death by Lightning is still in its early stages, a trailer for the series has not been released yet. Keep an eye on this space for new updates.