Everything we know about Dan Levy’s ‘Good Grief’
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Everything we know about Dan Levy's ‘Good Grief’

From the iconic David Rose in Schitt’s Creek to the pompous university professor Thomas Molloy in Sex Education, Dan Levy has left an indelible mark on Netflix’s oeuvre. Now, the actor-filmmaker is set to enchant viewers once again in a different avatar in Good Grief.

His latest cinematic endeavour, Good Grief, will have Levy departing from his usual light-hearted roles. In this upcoming drama, Levy takes on a complex story of love, loss, and friendship.

Good Grief promises a contemplation of grief and a celebration of life, friendship, and the complexities that bind them together. Levy brings a certain distinct charm to his work that makes his presence immediately enjoyable, even if it is in a show like The Idol, which earned critical brickbats for being an overwhelming shitshow from the start to the end.

If you want to know what Good Grief is all about, read on.

What is Dan Levy’s Good Grief about?

In this poignant departure from his previous characters, Levy portrays Marc, a widower, in Good Grief. The film revolves around Marc’s journey, navigating grief after the sudden loss of his beloved husband, Oliver (played by Luke Evans). Accompanied by friends Sophie (Ruth Negga) and Thomas (Himesh Patel), Marc embarks on a soul-searching trip to Paris.

Reflecting on the film’s theme, Levy shared with Netflix that “Good Grief is a cautionary tale about friendship and loss and all the mess that comes with it when the truth is something you’ve evaded for most of your life,” Levy continued. “It’s funny, it’s bittersweet, it’s a project that’s helped me work through my own grief. And I hope it does the same for other people as well.”

“The film is about three friends in their mid-30s who have come to a point in their life where they’re deciding how to move forward, what they need to leave behind, and what avenues they wish to take in their lives now that they are considered adults,” Negga told Netflix. “There are many layers to this story. It’s actually a quite serious interrogation of friendship and loyalty and what we tolerate within our friendships and how our friendships can inform our other relationships.”

Who is in the cast of Dan Levy’s Good Grief?

Levy, the lead actor and the writer and director of the film, has assembled a stellar cast. Alongside Luke Evans, Ruth Negga, Himesh Patel, and Celia Imrie, the ensemble includes talents like David Bradley, Arnaud Valois, Emma Corrin, Yoli Fuller, Mehdi Baki, and Kaitlyn Dever.

When will Dan Levy’s Good Grief be released?

Good Grief is set to premiere in select theatres on December 29th, 2023, followed by its much-anticipated Netflix release on January 5th, 2024.

Is there a trailer for Dan Levy’s Good Grief?

Yes, a glimpse into the emotional odyssey awaits in the official trailer for Dan Levy’s Good Grief. You can check out the trailer for Good Grief here: