“Every ‘Top Boy’ has their time”: Netflix announces final season
(Credit: Netflix)

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“Every ‘Top Boy’ has their time”: Netflix announces final season

Following the recent release of its second season, Netflix has announced that Ronan Benett’s critically-acclaimed show, Top Boy, will be returning for the final season soon. 

To bit a bittersweet farewell to their story, Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson will be returning for a final season that will begin filming in summer, according to Netflix’s recent Tweet. 

The politically-charged show has amassed a massive fan following. As Walters said, the show is  a “raw, real representation of the street culture” that “explores how these characters came to make the choices they make and gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening on our streets today.”

He emphasised the need for the street culture to be the point of conversation and spoke of how the show gives them a legitimate platform to showcase the story. 

He even praised Netflix for being the “perfect platform for this show” due to the absence of too many networks who are “brave enough to keep it this real”. 

Based in the streets of London, the show is sincere, honest, brutal and thought-provoking. With an epic three-season run that has got fans hooked, the upcoming fourth season has caused quite the stir. 

The previous season featured familiar faces like Walters, Robinson, Jasmine Jobson, Little Simz, Jolade Obasola, Saffron Hocking and Michael Ward. they were joined by Adwoa Aboah, Nolay, Erin Kellyman etc. 

The second season saw a variety of new picturesque locations as the show moved from just the mean streets of London into the sunny beauty of southern Spain. As the executive producer Alasdair Flind confirmed, while East London still remains the “main stage”, “the business empire of our main characters has been expanding, and the tentacles of their criminal activities get longer”.

It will be exciting to see where the final season takes us. 

Take a look at the Tweet below: