Every song on the ‘One Day’ TV series soundtrack
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Every song on the ‘One Day’ TV series soundtrack

The new serial adaptation of David Nicholls’ novel One Day has Netflix users in a chokehold. Expanding on the 2011 film version, the new TV show dives deeper into the beautiful and devastating love story of Dex and Em. 

All based around the way one day and one chance meeting can change your life, the story follows two friends from the day they meet at their university graduation, checking in on their lives on July 15th every year. Navigating love, loss and figuring themselves out as adults in the world is emotional drama at its very best. 

Starring Ambika Mod from This Is Going To Hurt, alongside Leo Woodall from The White Lotus, the pair put in stellar performances that seem set to solidify their rising star status. 

The fourteen episodes follow the protagonists, Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, across two decades. They met in 1988, and the finale came in 2002, meaning that the show’s soundtrack traces the distinctive eras of the ‘80s new wave, Britpop, and into the ‘00s indie scene. 

Not only is each episode a moving new chapter in the story of this couple, but they serve as a kind of musical time capsule for the year it’s set in or nostalgic, timeless hits that came before. The sound team have done an amazing job of always finding the perfect song to soundtrack the show’s emotional moments.  

Featuring artists like Jeff Buckley, Reem, New Order, Suede and Crowded House, it makes a great playlist to listen to once you’ve finished the series. As the ending hits fans right in the heart, the soundtrack can help you lick your wounds.

What songs are included in One Day?

Episode 1
‘Your Love’ – Frankie Knuckles
‘Good Life’ – Inner City
‘Theme From S-Express’ – S’Express
‘Love in a Car’ – The House of Love
‘Love and Affection’ – Joan Armatrading
‘Saturday Sun’ – Nick Drake
‘Rip It Up’ – Orange Juice
‘Temptation’ – New Order
‘These Days’ – Nico
‘Falling Colour’ – Van bur
‘This is the Day’ – The The

Episode 2
‘Un Bel Di Vedremo Maria Callas’ – Madama Butterfly Act II
‘Madama Butterfly, Act II’ – Un Bel Dì Vedremo Maria Callas
‘Here Comes Your Man’ – Pixies
‘Last Look’ – Vanbur
‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ – Starship
‘The Whole of the Moon’ – The Waterboys
‘Falling Colour’ – Vanbur

Episode 3
‘Back to Life (However You Want Me)’ – Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler
‘Bill is Dead’ – The Fall
‘After Hours’ – The Velvet Underground
‘Iceblink Luck’ – Cocteau Twins

Episode 4
I am the Black Gold of the Sun’ – Rotary Connection
‘You’ve Got A Woman’ – Lion
‘Something on Your Mind’ – Karen Dalton
‘Anyone Who Knows What Love Is’ – Irma Thomas
‘Anthem’ – N-Joi
‘Something Goin On’ – Todd Terry
‘My Dove to Sleep’ – Vanbur
‘Save Me’ – Joan Armatrading
‘Northern Sky’ – Nick Drake

Episode 5
‘Anthem’ – N-Joi
‘Something Goin On’ – Todd Terry
‘My Dove to Sleep’ – Vanbur
‘Save Me’ – Joan Armatrading
‘Northern Sky’ – Nick Drake

Episode 6
‘Jump’ – Studio Pressure
‘The Only One I Know’ – The Charlatans
‘Step It Up’ – Stereo MCs
‘Fallen’ – One Dove
‘Popscene’ – Blur
‘Push The Feeling On’ – Nightcrawlers
‘Thinking About You’ – Radiohead

Episode 7
‘Rocks’ – Primal Scream
‘Glory Box’ – Portishead
‘The Wild Ones’ – Suede

Episode 8
‘Connection’ – Elastica
‘Lo Boob Oscillator’ – Stereolab
‘Dreams’ – The Cranberries

Episode 9
‘The Four Seasons, Spring’ – Vivaldi
‘To The End’ – Blur
‘On & On’ – Longpigs

Episode 10
‘Brimful of Asha (1998 remix)’ – Cornershop (Norman Cook remix)
‘Set You Free (1994 edit)’ – N-Trance
‘A Design For Life’ – Manic Street Preachers
‘Candy’ – Cameo
‘Show Me Love’ – Robyn S
‘Release The Pressure’ – Leftfield
‘Sonnet’ – The Verve

Episode 11
‘Save Tonight’ – Eagle-Eye Cherry
‘Secret Smile’ – Semisonic
‘Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying’ – Belle & Sebastian
‘Trash’ – Suede
‘She Bangs The Drums’ – The Stone Roses
‘Protection’ – Massive Attack with Tracey Thorn Waterloo
‘Sunset’ – The Kinks
‘Rebel Without A Pause’ – Public Enemy

Episode 12
‘Obsolète’ – MC Solaar
‘The Shining’ – Badly Drawn Boy
‘Pitseleh’ – Elliott Smith
‘The Book of Love’ – The Magnetic Fields

Episode 13
‘Flowers’ – Sweet Female Attitude
‘Up With People’ – Lambchop
‘Tijuana Lady’ – Gomez
‘Olympian’ – Gene
‘Once Around The Block’ – Badly Drawn Boy
‘Magic In The Air’ – Badly Drawn Boy
‘Weather With You’ – Crowded House
‘Asleep In The Back’ – Elbow
‘Satellite of Love’ – Lou Reed
‘Show’ – Beth Gibbons, Rustin Man

Episode 14
‘Coventry Carol (Lully, Lulla)’ – Kenneth Leighton
‘Cotton Eye Joe’ – Rednex
‘Where Were You’ – Mekons
‘Where Is My Love’ – Cat Power
‘Lilac Wine’ – Jeff Buckley
‘Falling Colour’ – Vanbur
‘In Cold Light’ – Vanbur