Every series leaving Netflix in May 2023
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Every series leaving Netflix in May 2023

Netflix removes a list of series and films every month from their platform. This happens because the streamer licenses several media objects from various studios across the world. When these licenses come to the end of their term, so does the content’s lifeline on the platform. It’s time to look through every series that will be leaving Netflix in the month of May. 

Thankfully, there isn’t too much that is leaving us in the month of May. However, those who are fans of Uncoupled, Bordertown, and more, may be disappointed.

If you are keen on catching the last hits of April before they leave the streamer for good, you can find them here. For the coming month, the odds are in favour of the viewers when it comes to the series. Netflix has only released the removal of four specific series in the month of May. Including Uncoupled starring Neil Patrick Harris. 

However, do not miss out on the chance to catch them before it’s too late. Check out every series leaving Netflix this coming month below. 

Every series leaving Netflix in May 2023

May 1st: 

  • Uncoupled (Season 1)

May 11th: 

  • Bordertown (Seasons 1-3)

May 12th: 

  • Live (Season 1)

May 26th: 

  • Something in the Rain (Season 1)
Uncoupled– Official trailer