Every series and film coming to Netflix this week: June 2023
(Credit: Netflix)

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Every series and film coming to Netflix this week: June 2023

Just as a bunch of good stuff is leaving the streaming platform, a diverse lineup of entertainment is also coming to Netflix this week.

Starting off on June 5th, Living promises to transport viewers to a gripping world of drama and 1950s London. The film stars Bill Nighy as a humourless bureaucrat who learns to live a little in this Oliver Hermanus directorial. Then there is the Swedish series Barracuda Queens debuting on the platform on the same day. Based on real events, it is a girl gang heist series. It could be a fun binge!

Fans of the animated series Ben 10 will be delighted to know that seasons one to four are arriving on the streaming platform this week as well. On June 6th, it is followed by My Little Pony: Make Your Mark chapter four.

The summer of Arnold on Netflix continues as the mini-series Arnold arrives on the platform on June 7th. It will follow the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, from his days lifting weights to his successful years in Hollywood and his time serving as governor of California. The series also promises to delve into his family life.

Your regular dose of cringe content will be delivered in the form of Love Is Blind: Brazil season three. As the week progresses, June 8th brings the documentary Tour de France: Unchained and the highly anticipated return of Never Have I Ever with its fourth and final season. On June 9th, there is the Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy A Lot Like Love, the Dutch comedy The Wonder Weeks, and the K-drama Bloodhounds.

The Big Mouth spin-off Human Resources will be back this week with a second season. Netflix’s new true crime docuseries, The Playing Card Killer will delve into the chilling story of one of Spain’s most notorious serial killers.

If you get your thrills from watching extreme car makeovers then tune into Tex Mex Motors on June 9th. Or you can get your funsies from the adult animated show, all the way from Italy, This World Can’t Tear Me Down.

June 5

  • Living, 2022
  • Barracuda Queens (Season 1), 2023
  • Ben 10 (Seasons 1-4), 2005-2008

June 6

  • My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (Chapter 4), 2023

June 7

  • Arnold, 2023
  • Love Is Blind: Brazil (Season 3), 2023

June 8

  • Tour de France: Unchained, 2023
  • Never Have I Ever (Season 4), 2023

June 9

  • A Lot Like Love, 2005
  • The Wonder Weeks, 2023
  • You Do You, 2023
  • Bloodhounds (Season 1), 2023 
  • Human Resources (Season 2), 2023 
  • The Playing Card Killer (Season 1), 2023
  • Tex Mex Motors (Season 1), 2023
  • This World Can’t Tear Me Down (Season 1), 2023