Every film and series leaving Netflix this week: July 2024
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Every film and series leaving Netflix this week: July 2024

One of the most helpful recent additions to the Netflix user interface is the ‘Leaving Soon’ branding, which lets subscribers know if a movie or TV show is drawing its last breaths as part of the content library.

Most people have found themselves in a position where they’ve been putting off watching something for so long that by the time they get around to checking it off the list, it’s already been removed from the platform. It’s a frustrating experience, so it’s helpful for Netflix to at least offer a heads-up.

There isn’t exactly a whole lot of content vacating the premises in the next seven days, but it wouldn’t be a surprise where the title in question to get an uptick in viewership considering it falls handily into one of the streamer’s most popular subcategories.

It feels as though there’s a new true crime story added every week, but if anybody who makes a point of devouring as much harrowing content as possible hasn’t yet gotten around to catching Abducted in Plain Sight, then the time is now with producer and director Skye Borgman’s chilling feature departing Netflix on July 14th.

An uncomfortable watch at points, Abducted in Plain Sight details the abductions of Jan Broberg, and Idaho child who was taken from her parents at the ages of both 12 and 14. In a nightmarish twist, both of the kidnappings were conducted by the same person, with Robert Berchtold even a friend of the family who was very familiar with Broberg’s parents.

The first time she was taken by Berchtold, it took five days for Broberg’s family to contact the authorities. They knew exactly who’d absconded with their young daughter, but due to the relationship between her parents and his wife Gail – who pleaded with Mary Ann Broberg not to call the cops – they were confident Jan would be returned unharmed.

Berchtold was already a convicted sex offender, and the fact he’d seduced both of Broberg’s parents in addition to kidnapping their daughter twice makes for some queasy viewing. Those facts were omitted from Jan’s self-penned book Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story, which first captured the eye of director Borgman before her own investigations revealed that there was an even more disturbing truth that hadn’t been shared.

Abducted in Plain Sight has been part of the Netflix library since 2019, but as of July 14th it won’t be there any longer.