Every film and series coming to Netflix this week: February 2024
(Credits: Netflix)

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Every film and series coming to Netflix this week: February 2024

As a new week in February unfolds, Netflix brings a diverse array of films and series onto the platform, from heartwarming family adventures to gripping documentaries that delve into the realms of the extraordinary.

Kicking off the week on February 5th, audiences can immerse themselves in sports nostalgia with 30 For 30: Four Falls Of Buffalo and 30 For 30: Nature Boy, or join the enchanting world of Dee & Friends In Oz, a delightful addition to Netflix Family. Meanwhile, the complete collections of Monk and My Wife And Kids beckon those seeking classic television comfort.

As the week unfolds, February 7th brings an international flavour with Made In Italy. An official blurb reveals the plot: “A widower artist and his estranged son try to mend their broken relationship as they work together to restore a dilapidated house in Italy.”

Diving into the latter half of the week, February 8th unveils the biblical nativity story Journey to Bethlehem and the Taiwanese thriller Lost in Perfection, setting the stage for the British drama series One Day

As February 9th approaches, Netflix subscribers are in for a treat with an eclectic mix ranging from romantic dramas like Falling For Figaro to thrilling documentaries such as Lover, Stalker, Killer.

Bringing the week to a close on February 10th and 11th, audiences can tune in to comedy films like Horrible Bosses 2 or binge on the tenth season of the crime drama The Blacklist

Every film and series coming to Netflix this week:

February 5

  • 30 For 30: Four Falls Of Buffalo
  • 30 For 30: Nature Boy
  • The Re-Education Of Molly Singer
  • Dee & Friends In Oz, Netflix Family
  • Monk: Seasons 1-8
  • My Wife And Kids: Seasons 1-5

February 7

  • Made In Italy
  • Love Never Lies Poland: Season 2 Part 2 (Pl), Netflix Series
  • Luz: The Light Of The Heart (Bz), Netflix Family
  • Raël: The Alien Prophet (Fr), Netflix Documentary

February 8

  • Journey to Bethlehem
  • Lost in Perfection

February 9

  • An Incurable Case Of Love
  • Ashes (Tr), Netflix Film
  • Bhakshak (In), Netflix Film
  • Falling For Figaro
  • La Luna
  • Lover, Stalker, Killer (Gb), Netflix Documentary
  • A Killer Paradox (Kr), Netflix Series
  • Alpha Males: Season 2 (Es), Netflix Series

February 10

  • Horrible Bosses 2

February 11

  • The Blacklist: Season 10