Every David Fincher film and series you can watch on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Every David Fincher film and series you can watch on Netflix

David Fincher was one of the first major talents to collaborate with Netflix since the inception of Netflix Originals. Over the years, he has delivered numerous masterpieces that helped catapult the platform’s reputation among cinephiles.

Known for his stylistically shot gritty forays into the deepest, darkest confines of the human mind, Fincher has a spooky ability to tell stories that can nestle in your mind and crawl for ages after you’re viewing them.

With his upcoming Netflix film, The Killer, slated to release on November 10th, 2023, the excitement among fans is palpable. This assassin thriller promises to be one of the most exciting original features on Netflix’s lineup this year. Fincher is also venturing into the world of 1974 neo-noir mystery Chinatown with an upcoming prequel series.

But the Netflix library also homes some of Fincher’s other works.

Every David Fincher film and series you can watch on Netflix:

The Game (1997)

The Game is a mind-bending psychological thriller starring Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton, a wealthy investment banker who receives a mysterious gift from his estranged brother. As Nicholas delves deeper into the enigmatic and dangerous game orchestrated by a secretive organisation, his life unravels, blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

This one was a critical success but slowly became a sleeper hit after it was released.

Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room follows the harrowing ordeal of a mother, played by Jodie Foster, and her daughter, portrayed by Kristen Stewart, as they find themselves trapped in a panic room inside their new home. Their sanctuary becomes a prison when three burglars break in.

The intense and claustrophobic setting, relentless suspense, and mind-bogglingly illusive camera work make this home invasion thriller a gripping and adrenaline-pumping experience.

Zodiac (2007)

Based on the true story of the infamous Zodiac Killer, Zodiac chronicles the tireless efforts of a newspaper cartoonist, a journalist, and a police detective as they try to unravel the cryptic clues left by the enigmatic serial killer.

The film offers an in-depth exploration of the investigation’s toll on those involved and the enduring mystery surrounding the Zodiac Killer’s identity, making it a terrific atmospheric crime drama.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an emotionally poignant tale of Benjamin Button, portrayed by Brad Pitt, who is born with a unique condition that causes him to age backwards. This drama earned critical acclaim and multiple Academy Award nominations, including Fincher’s first Best Director nod. However, Fincher lost the award to Danny Boyle, who was nominated for Slumdog Millionaire.

The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network delved into the tumultuous origins of Facebook and the legal battles that ensued among its founders. Jesse Eisenberg delivered an uncanny portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. With razor-sharp dialogues and impeccable direction, this biopic earned widespread acclaim and won three Academy Awards for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’, ‘Best Original Score’, and ‘Best Film Editing’.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The Hollywood adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novel follows journalist Mikael Blomkvist, played by Daniel Craig, and hacker Lisbeth Salander, portrayed by Rooney Mara, as they investigate a decades-old disappearance within a powerful and secretive family. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a riveting and intense thriller, just like its source material, blending elements of mystery, female angst, and social commentary.

House of Cards (2013–2018)

As an executive producer of House of Cards, Fincher played a crucial role in establishing Netflix as a major player in the world of original content. He also directed a few episodes. This gripping political drama follows the ruthless Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, as he navigates the treacherous corridors of power in Washington DC.

The series later pivoted to centre Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, after Spacey faced multiple sexual abuse allegations.

Gone Girl (2014)

Based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel, Gone Girl is a suspenseful tale of a husband, played by Ben Affleck, who becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance, portrayed by Rosamund Pike. As the investigation unfolds, shocking revelations and twists unwind. The story also explored deception, power dynamics in relationships, and media sensationalism of true crime stories.

Mindhunter (2017–2019)

In Mindhunter, Fincher takes audiences on a chilling journey deep into the twisted minds of some of the most notorious serial killers of our times. This gripping crime series follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they dive headfirst into the darkest recesses of human psychology. Set in the late 1970s, the show’s gloomy setting and psychological intrigue combine to create an utterly mesmerising viewing experience.

Mank (2020)

Mank is a biographical drama that explores the life of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz during the creation of the iconic film Citizen Kane. Gary Oldman delivers a remarkable performance as Mankiewicz, offering insights into the golden age of Hollywood, the politics and the art of storytelling.

With its stunning black-and-white cinematography and meticulous attention to detail, Mank is a love letter to the art of filmmaking.

Love, Death & Robots, Episode ‘Bad Travelling’ (2020)

In his capacity as an executive producer and director, Fincher contributed to the adult animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots with the episode ‘Bad Travelling,’ The story follows navigator Torrin, who faces a deadly thanapod aboard his ship. This episode explores themes of survival and sacrifice in the form of a bite-sized short.