Every book on ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is fake and full of Easter eggs
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Every book on ‘Schitt's Creek’ is fake and full of Easter eggs

Schitt’s Creek is not a show you watch once and move on. It is one of those rare pieces of television that reveals new details with every new watch.

There is a ton of attention that went into the making of this Dan and Eugene Levy creation, whether it be in Moira Rose’s looks and mannerisms or details that are far less obvious to casual viewers. One such crazy detail that most might have missed? Every book featured on the show is entirely fictional! 

Not only is every book in the series fake, but they are also often clever Easter eggs planted by the creators, almost as a gift for the most ardent and attentive viewers.

The show’s first season introduces us to David Rose’s quirky reading habits when he picks up a book titled A Rare Sophistication: A Higher Aesthetic. However, a quick search on the internet will reveal that the book, like all others in the series, is entirely made up. This tidbit has been confirmed by the CBC in their list: ‘103 surprising facts, easter eggs and trivia that every Schitt’s Creek fan should know.’

Some of the fictitious titles include Opening Your Hearts to Animals: A Guide to the Benefits of Caring For Something Other Than Yourself, a book that Ted, who happens to be a vet as well as a pet owner, gifts Alexis early on in their relationship. 

Moira, known for her dramatic flair, is often spotted reading thematically relevant reads. She is seen reading A Knock on the Door in the episode ‘The Affair.’ This is the episode where a drunken Moira ends up sleeping with  Roland on the same bed after, you guessed it, knocking on his hotel door. She is caught perusing A Hint of Amnesia in the episode ‘Open Mic’, where, in her typical manner, she promptly forgets the gender of Roland and Jocelyn’s baby. 

Johnny’s gift of Fast Forward to Success to Stevie in season six also subtly foreshadows their sudden success, which ultimately happens in the final season with their plans for the Rosebud Motel Group expansion. Stevie is also frequently reading Banshees on a Plane, which might have been a nod to her days at Larry Air. Given the terrible safety regulations Larry Air had, the banshees might have been screaming for much darker reasons if Stevie had continued with them.

These cleverly crafted Easter eggs add an extra layer of fun and charm to a show already celebrated for its wit and warmth. So, the next time you spot a character engrossed in a book on Schitt’s Creek, remember to look for the clues!