Emma Corrin will star in Netflix’s ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ remake
(Credit: Netflix)

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Emma Corrin will star in Netflix's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' remake

How does the old adage go? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s certainly the mantra Netflix is taking into its new run of productions as it once again goes digging for gold within the realm of period dramas, this time featuring their former Princess Diana, Emma Corrin.

Corrin’s star turn as Princess Diana in The Crown will go down as a defining moment in the actor’s career, however, she will now have a secondary legendary role to compare it to. Corrin has been confirmed as one of the stars of the streaming platform’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover remake.

The actor has been given the luxurious role of Lady Chatterley herself, meaning that she will have one more iconic role on her growing CV. The 25-year old has had a starring run so far and looks set to continue her career progression with Netflix.

The streaming platform has called their remake of the landmark Lady Chatterley’s Lover as a “female-focused re-telling of a classic.” What that exactly means, we’re not sure. But we do know the cast is growing by the day.

Corrin will join Jack O’Connell who has had some great film roles following his breakout performance as Cookie in Skins. Alongside the pair will be Matthew Duckett who recently had a star turn at the National Theatre.

A press release states Lady Chatterley’s Lover “will be the first film to be produced under the new partnership where Sony Pictures will offer Netflix a first look at any films it intends to make for streaming.”

Netflix seems hellbent on remaking every period drama going and we can’t wait to watch them all.

See Emma Corrin starring as Princess Diana below.