Emily Rudd discusses ‘One Piece’ season two announcement 
(Credit: Netflix)


Emily Rudd discusses 'One Piece' season two announcement 

Now that the second season of Netflix’s live-action anime adaptation series One Piece has been announced, one of the show’s stars, Emily Rudd, has shared her personal reaction to the positive news.

The first season has been well-received by critics and fans alike and has also enjoyed excellent viewing numbers. Therefore, it was always likely that Netflix were going to renew One Piece for a second season.

Rudd took to her social media accounts after Netflix made the season two announcement, writing on an Instagram story, “I’m so happy. Thank y’all we love you so so so much.” The words were accompanied by a photo of the Nami actor looking delighted.

The actor has admitted that she had been a fan of the original anime series and that it was “her dream” to be able to play Nami in a live-action adaptation.

“Said it once before but right now i gotta say it again…” Rudd wrote on Twitter. “Can’t put it into words. Thank you thank you thank you. This is my dream. I love y’all. I hope it’s your dream now too.”

While season two has been announced, it’s likely that it will not arrive on Netflix for some time amid the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes that are taking place in Hollywood. The scripts have been written, but it could be well over a year before the season is completed.

Check out the season two announcement video below.