“Excited” Elliot Page offers his support to trans community
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"Excited" Elliot Page offers his support to trans community

The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page has revealed his newfound happiness and his invigorating desire to commit to acting while offering his support to members of the trans community who are facing personal difficulties.

“I feel more excited about acting than I have in a very, very, very long time,” Page recently told the BBC. “We just finished the final season of Umbrella, and I felt so much more embodied and centred to be able to start the day as ‘me’.”

The actor went on to admit to being in a position of privilege as one of the most well-known trans men in the world. “I’m in this unique position,” he said, “and I absolutely have to use my privilege and my platform to do what I can, in whatever way, to help my community.”

Page feels now that a “spark” has come alive in him for the first time since he was a child. “At so many points, I’d find myself thinking, ‘I was never a girl. I’ll never be a woman. What am I going to do? I just want to be a 10-year-old,'” he said.

He added, “Then I started realising, ‘Oh, that’s because that’s the last time I felt like myself, the last time I felt like I looked like myself and was in my body and knew who I was and had this spark,’ you know? It’s now coming back. That spark.”

In the interview, Page also offered his support for his trans fans who are experiencing hardship. “My message is just to hold on and to love yourself with all your might and to know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you,” he said. 

“Reach out for support where you can find it,” the actor added. “In person or online. Seek out narratives that offer some kind of representation, some kind of comfort. Just a reminder that you’re not alone.”