The best films and series starring Elliot Page currently on Netflix
(Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)


The best films and series starring Elliot Page currently on Netflix

“The thing I like about acting is being able to lose yourself completely in someone else. I’m not that comfortable when I get recognised.”

Elliot Page has been a part of Hollywood for quite some time now, delivering electrifying performances in varied roles that can be carried out with such poise and dignity only by an actor as prolific as Page. Assigned as a female at birth, Elliot was born as Ellen Page in Nova Scotia. After identifying as a gay woman in 2014, Elliot recently came out as a transgender in 2020 and has received innumerable love and support messages from friends, colleagues and fans all across the world. Loved and adored for his naturalistic acting style, Elliot is definitely one of the best actors of this generation. 

He had first acted on camera at the tender age of ten for which he also received a Young Artist Award nomination. After starring in subsequent roles, Elliot’s performance in Ghost cat won him a Gemini Award for his distinguished performance. However, he received proper public attention and garnered interest among critics with his role in Hard Candy where his character Hayley Stark kidnaps a paedophile. His incredible skills helped him deliver the complex and compelling attributes of the character flawlessly. This helped him win an Austin Film Critics Association Award besides other accolades and nominations. 

Elliot’s breakthrough role was the 2007 comedy film Juno, where he starred as the titular lead. Juno becomes pregnant with her boyfriend’s child and throughout the film battles stereotypes while grappling with the horrors and problems of teen pregnancy. Recognised by all for his splendid portrayal of Juno, Page received high praise from all, including the well-known critic Roger Ebert who considered Page’s portrayal of Juno as the best performance of 2007. Having received nominations to an Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, SAG among others, it was definitely a highlight of Page’s career and helped him forge a path for further exponential growth. 

Since then, Page has been spotted in various films that have been commercial successes and have seen her in standout roles, catching the audience’s attention irrespective of her on-screen time. Page frequently stars in indie films as well as collaborates with old friends and colleagues. His grounded nature and distinguished talent make him one of the most versatile and well-liked actors of this generation. 

As Elliot turns 34 today, we fondly take a look at the memorable roles he has starred in; here are the series and films available on Netflix starring Elliot Page.     

Netflix films and series starring Elliot Page: 


There’s Something in the Water (Elliot Page, Ian Daniel, 2019)

After working together on the documentary series Gaycation, Daniel and Page reunited to make this documentary film based on the pervading environmental racism as well as the damages inflicted on the Black Canadian as well as First Nations communities that reside in Nova Scotia. It focuses on how the effect of contaminated water had a relation to cancer and was left unaddressed following the socio-political climate., as well as the devastating impact of water pollution on the indigenous communities. 

Deriving the title from Ingrid Waldron’s eponymous book, this documentary features interviews with various activists from the oppressed and marginalized communities to portray and convey the message better. With a background score that evokes pity and fear as well as Elliot Page’s factual narration, the documentary is successful in asserting its voice and conveying the message about a situation 9racism) that is prevalent even today despite the growing awareness regarding it.  

“Where you live has bearing on your wellbeing.” 

Tales of City (Lauren Morelli, 2019)

As a mini-series that explores the term diversity to the fullest with its backdrop in San Francisco, Tales of City is a delightful watch. With a talented ensemble cast featuring Elliot page, laura Linney and Barbara Garrick among others, the series revolves around Mary Ann, who returns home after a 23-year-long hiatus, for her landlady’s 90th birthday. This causes friction between her and her ex-husband as well as the daughter she abandoned. She gets calls that threaten to expose her secret. Meanwhile, her best friend Michael and other members of the LBTQ+ community face various struggles while navigating through city life. 

Elliot Page plays Shawna Hawkins, the adopted daughter of Marry Ann, who is resentful of her mother for having abandoned her as a child. As Shawna, he manages to bring out the character’s angst as well as the gradual development of the character’s sensibility. However, the series somehow misses the mark by having a somewhat platitudinal script and the lack of space for the characters to breathe due to the numerous events going on at the same time. 

‘If you want to know who the oppressed minorities in America are, simply look at who gets their own shelf in the bookstore.” 

The Umbrella Academy (Steve Blackman, 2019-)

43 non-pregnant women go into sudden labour and give birth to children all around the world, of whom seven are adopted by an idiosyncratic billionaire Sir Reginal Hargreeves who calls them ‘The Umbrella Academy’, a team of superheroes. The dysfunctional siblings, of whom one is dead and the other is ostracised for allegedly not having superpowers, must reunite to save the world from an impending apocalypse in the first season. The second season sees the aftermath of the apocalypse they failed to prevent which sends them back in time to reverse the future events. However, they end up getting transported to a different era and must race against time to get the job done. 

Although the premise was funny, the ensemble marvellous and the setting promising, the series failed to live up to its truest potential. Abound in eccentric characters, the series featured Elliot Page as the allegedly non-superhero sibling and violinist Vanya Hargreeves, who was actually sedated by Sir Reginald to keep reins on her powers as she was the most powerful and destructive of the lot. While the characters are brilliant and well-rounded, the series would have lived up to expectations had it not resorted to overused superhero cliches and tropes. 

“If you’re raised to believe nothing about you is special if the benchmark is extraordinary, what do you do if you’re not?” 


The Cured (David Freyne, 2017)

After the deadly outbreak of the Maze virus in Europe, the people have been divided based on whether they are Cured or infected. Senan and Conor are Cured patients who bear PTSD regarding past actions. As the Cured patients are treated with contempt by the non-infected ones, Senan attempts to form an underground alliance with the other Cured people to seek revenge and take back their civil rights. However, Conor, who knows of this plan, must get his sister-in-law Abbie and her son Cillian to his safety while dealing with his personal demons of killing his brother and Abbie’s husband, Luke, while infected. 

With a fresh take on the quintessential zombie genre that involves a bloody and gory brain-eating feast, this film focuses on the post-apocalyptic world where the traumas of the past affect social and interpersonal relationships deeply. With the other cast members delivering heartfelt performances, Elliot Page as Abbie stands out with his ability to play diverse roles with effortless ease. He breathes life into his character and compellingly portrays his struggles. 

“Everyone says it’s hell. It’s like being trapped inside your body. Fighting to stop yourself. But what they don’t talk about is the moment when you stop fighting. When you start to just go with it.”

Tallulah (Sian Heder, 2016)

After her boyfriend Nico breaks up with her and moves to New York City, the indignant Tallulah pursues him and meets his mother Margo. She is mistaken to be a babysitter and has to take care of a young child named Maddy whose irresponsible mother Carolyn does not care about the child. Tallulah takes Maddy into protective custody and elopes, identifying herself to the public as Maddy’s mother. As the police begin pursuing her, she forges a bond with Margo as well as Maddy. 

The wonderful and innovative plot was inspired by Heder’s personal experiences as a baby-sitter in Los Angeles. With terrific performances from the rest of the ensemble, Elliot Page as the free-spirited Tallulah stands out. The audience undergoes a full cyclical journey with the character who transforms from being a desperate individual fixated on something particular to a more easy-going and carefree well-rounded character. It is a pleasure to see Allison Janney, who plays Margo, reunite with Elliot after their lovely chemistry on Juno

“Your plan depended on other people. People suck, and they’ll disappoint you every time.” 

Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010)

Dom Cobb, a professional ‘extractor’, engages in stealing information by infiltrating into the unknowing subconscious of his targets. He is posed with an excellent offer where his criminal history shall be erased in exchange of a mammoth task; he has to implant an idea into the subject’s mind instead of extracting it.  

Nolan’s mind-bending movie that transcends the textbook definition of dream-reality brought home four academy awards; Leo’s superb portrayal of the slick and masterful Cobb will go down as one of his most memorable characters in the history of his career. Elliot Page was roped in to play Ariadne, a graduate student of architecture who, while learning about dream sharing, would guide the audience in the process. Nolan said that Page had the “perfect combination of freshness and savvy and maturity” which made him a perfect choice for this role. 

“Well, dreams, they feel real while we’re in them, right? It’s only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange.”