Ellen DeGeneres says Netflix special will be her final show
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Ellen DeGeneres says Netflix special will be her final show

Comedian and media personality Ellen DeGeneres has revealed that once she performs an upcoming special for Netflix, she’s stepping out of the public eye and away from the entertainment industry completely.

At one time the host of a top-rated talk show and one of daytime television’s highest-paid performers, DeGeneres’ star has been in a state of gradual decline ever since bullying allegations emerged in the summer of 2020 that accused her of harbouring a “toxic” atmosphere of “racism, fear, and intimidation.”

Ten former staffers came forward to share their unsavoury experiences of working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it opened the floodgates for countless more people to come forward and reveal their unpleasant interactions with the once-popular comic.

An official investigation was launched internally, DeGeneres issued a statement accepting responsibility and pledging to do better, she apologised to her staff personally, and addressed the accusations when the series returned to the airwaves in September 2020, but the damage had already been done.

Her show aired its final episode on May 26th, 2022, and now DeGeneres has announced that once her current contractual obligations are finished, she’s done with showbusiness. Currently on the Ellen’s Last Stand… Up tour – which already cancelled four dates in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas – she was asked if there were any plans to return to cinema or head to Broadway afterwards.

“This is the last time you’re going to see me,” came the response. “After my Netflix special, I’m done.” The tour has been used by DeGeneres as a means to address the allegations of misconduct that led to the cancellation of her self-titled talk show, telling the crowd she “got kicked out of showbusiness for being mean.”

Naturally, she denied that she wasn’t a nice person, as anybody would do under similar circumstances. “I am many things, but I am not mean,” DeGeneres offered. “I just thought, ‘Well, this is not the way I wanted to end my career, but this is the way it’s ending’. I just hated the way the show ended. I love that show so much, and I hated that the last time people would see me is that way.”

Retirement tends to be a fairly malleable term in Hollywood, so it remains to be seen whether or not DeGeneres will stick to her guns. However, that’s the mindset she’s operating under at the moment, so it can’t be ruled out her Netflix special will genuinely mark her final stand in the public eye.