Eddie Murphy returns with Jonah Hill in ‘You People’ trailer
(Credit: Netflix)

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Eddie Murphy returns with Jonah Hill in 'You People' trailer

Eddie Murphy, who has been somewhat absent from our screens over the past decade, is set to return in the upcoming Netflix movie You People. Murphy will appear in the comedy alongside Nia Long and the film’s writer Jonah Hill. 

Netflix have now issued the trailer for You People (watch below), which was co-written and directed by Kenya Barris, famed for Black-ish

In the movie, Hill plays the part of Ezra Cohen, who tries to convince the parents (Murphy and Long) of his girlfriend, Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) that he would make a “good husband” to their daughter. As you might expect, Hill’s intentions aren’t going to come without a great deal of failure and awkwardness, as Murphy and Long show fierce resistance. 

“Their families find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences,” the synopsis reads.

The movie also stars Sam Jay, Elliott Gould, Travis Bennett, Molly Gordon, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Mike Epps, Emily Arlook, Alani “La La” Anthony and Bryan Greenberg.

Long, 52 years old, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s “been wanting to work with Eddie Murphy my entire life, and I’ve never gotten the job” until now. She said You People tackles antisemitism and racism in a “funny” way.

“Right now, there’s a lot of talk about antisemitism and the Jewish religion experience, and this film explores the difference between Blacks and Jews in a very funny freaking way,” she added. “Hopefully, we can find the funny in our differences, and appreciation and respect for our differences, for a better understanding.”

“I really think that what [Barris] does for Black people in this industry is cutting-edge. It’s perfectly inappropriate,” she added. “It makes you think, it makes you laugh. It makes you go, ‘This guy is crazy.’ But the crazy is where we find the truth, and I respect him for that.”

London recently spoke to Netflix about working with the star-studded cast. “These collaborators are masters at their craft,” she said. “You have Eddie Murphy and Julia and Nia Long and David Duchovny and Jonah Hill — and Kenya as the captain of the ship. Everyone brought in their specialness and their art.”

Elsewhere, Murphy is set to star in a Netflix reboot of his popular 1980s movie franchise Beverly Hills Cop.

You People will arrive on Netflix on January 27th, 2023. Watch the trailer below.