Ed Skrein on co-starring with his ‘Game of Thrones’ replacement in ‘Rebel Moon’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Ed Skrein on co-starring with his 'Game of Thrones' replacement in 'Rebel Moon'

Game of Thrones enthusiasts will recall the notable transformation of the charismatic sellsword Daario Naharis, portrayed by Ed Skrein in season three and later by Michiel Huisman in season four. Interestingly, these two actors are now reuniting on screen in Zack Snyder’s latest Netflix venture, Rebel Moon.

While Hollywood is no stranger to actors taking over established roles, as seen in instances like Prime Video’s Wheel of Time recasting Mat Cauthon for season two, the convergence of two performers who previously embodied the same character is a relatively uncommon occurrence.

Particularly noteworthy is that both Ed Skrein, known for his role as the villain in Deadpool, and Michiel Huisman, recognised for his part in The Haunting of Hill House, experienced a significant surge in their careers following their time on Game of Thrones.

“We got on really well from the beginning, actually. It was really nice,” Skrein said as part of a new interview with Hollywood Reporter, during which he noted there was no tension between the two actors. “Michiel is a good dude. He’s a really good dude, and I loved spending time with him on set. I also loved training with him in the gym and going on this press tour with him, so it’s been really nice. If I think of him as any character, it’s Gunnar from Rebel Moon.”

“I feel a kind of camaraderie and kinship with other actors, regardless of what roles they’ve taken or not taken,” Skrein explained while noting that he had also replaced Rupert Friend in this latest role.

“We understand the dynamics of our job and therefore can relate. And especially if we’re in the same cast, then it should be everyone’s preoccupation to just keep everything as positive and nice as possible. So that’s the way it goes.”

“People will replace me in the future,” he concluded, “and I will replace other people in the future, and I’ll be a gentleman about it at all times. And I think Michiel will be, too.”